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Sell Used Items in Nairobi and Comfortably Make Ksh 50,000+ Easily

Sell Used Items in Nairobi and Comfortably Make Ksh 50,000+ Easily

Let me start by asking: Why are you piling up used items in your home store and not making money from them? How about the used office items in your company? Why not sell them? I get it. Maybe you are not sure if there is a place to sell used items in Nairobi and fetch good money.

Did you know that selling your used items is the best way to de-clutter your home or office and earn money? Well, at the Corido Marketplace, you can sell used assets at a reasonable price and get the best value.

The Corido Marketplace is Kenya’s leading online shop where you can sell, rent, dispose of, or gift used items. These items include household items, expatriate assets, uncollected goods, scrap metals, business assets, etc.

The company is Kenya’s leading online auction platform that specializes in the sale of second-hand goods. It provides a better platform for its users to explore more options and reach a broader market to sell their used household goods quickly here in Nairobi and Kenya at large. It also helps its users dispose of their old things without feeling like they’re being exploited. Gone are the days when you had to watch as Shylock undervalued your items to their advantage without your knowledge.

It provides Kenyans with an easily accessible place where they can get rid of their unwanted possessions (second hand) by selling them for lower prices than what one would have found elsewhere—or even free if someone else doesn’t want them!

How Corido Started

The company’s CEO once wanted to sell his three-month-old used carpet to meet his urgent need for money. Guess what happened? The Shylock valued the Ksh. 20,000 worth of carpet at a mare Ksh 3,000, which was super low. He quickly realized that there was a gap and a need to establish an online marketplace for second-hand items. This platform’s mission is to ensure that every household in Kenya can access a fast and effective market to dispose of their assets. So if you have been searching for a place, Corido is the best place for you, your family, and your friends.

Why do you sell used items online?

You can sell second-hand electronics, furniture, appliances, and scrap from your home with the Corido Marketplace platform. This website will help you find buyers for items that are no longer needed for quick cash.

1. Convenience.

Corido is a convenient way to sell items online in Kenya. You can conveniently visit the website and create an account from your device, anywhere you are located! There’s also the option of appointing Corido agents who will help you with selling when needed, too—it doesn’t get any easier than that!

2. Storage Expense.

Disposing of or selling what you don’t use online means not renting a space to display your items. Sign up for an account, take crisp pictures of your items, and post them on the site. The administrator will review and approve them to appear in public. You just lay back, relax, and wait for buyers to call you. Hence, it saves you lots of time, space, and money.

3. A low turnaround time is required.

Sometimes the urgency to get quick cash requires greater attention and a faster process of disposal. However, it can be pretty challenging to get a buyer who will buy your items as fast as possible, let alone sell them at a reasonable price. At Corido, we do all the hard work for you, the “marketing.”. You only need to focus on keeping your items clean and ready. Additionally, you only release your items when the buyer makes the payment upon agreeing and approving. Remember that the negotiation and transactions are between you and the buyer. To understand more about this, please read our terms and conditions.

4. You get to sell at the best prices.

Depending on the condition and type of your products, you can sell them at the best prices with us. Don’t get stuck trying to beg Shylock to add more money. Get value for your money by selling items online. There is a considerable advantage in accessing the broader market when it comes to pricing.

5. You can sell a single item or in bulk.

Whether you have a whole store of used items or a single electronic item you want to dispose of, that’s not an issue anymore. You can start selling by posting your items from the comfort of your home. Selling in bulk has its advantages. You will get to lease all the items at once to a single buyer. The only drawback to this option is that the buyer’s price must be friendly enough to resell to other interested partners or end-users.

6. Find buyers in minutes for your used home or office items.

The number of online users has been increasing daily. People have moved online due to the pandemic to control the spread of Covid-19, also known as the coronavirus. That means online businesses are booming, and the traffic is enormous. As a homeowner or business owner, it’s best not to be left behind. Get all the necessary details and make the sale easier for yourself. If you are in Nairobi and wondering if you can get a buyer for your second-hand water tank, then worry no more because there are buyers for any item on our Marketplace.

Find more about expatriate sales

Get in touch

Get in touch with the agency office via phone at 0794858010 or email at [email protected] for further inquiries.

Ways to increase the chances of you selling used items faster.

I guess you want to sell your item quickly. To do so, you should follow the following steps to sell used items quickly and make money from your old assets:

a) Post clear pictures of your items.

You need to take clear pictures of your items and post them on Corido Marketplace. The purpose is that your potential buyers will see and decide if they want to buy your product. The good thing is that taking quality images has become easier due to the availability of smartphones. Take your phone and get snapping. You should take images of one item and post them as single items, even if you have bulk items.

Prepare the item condition before taking pictures

Position your product (this is where the background can help)

Use the best light available

Stand far enough from the product

Frame your item and snap by tilting your phone on a recommended landscape or horizontal mode

Landscape and Portrail Mode

b) Include detailed descriptions. The buyer needs to know the name and the nitty-gritty details of your item. To increase the chances of selling quickly, include a detailed description of the item you are selling. A detailed description consists of the model of the asset, color, texture, and size. For example, if you sell a six-by-six bed, you can describe it as a six-by-six king-sized dark brown bed.

c) Add the asking price to your time. It is better if the buyer knows the price of your item before contacting you. Adding the price tag will increase your selling chances and save you the time of explaining the cost to your buyers when they get you. Additionally, if your item has a price tag, only serious buyers are likely to call you. So don’t forget to include the price in your ad.

d) Include the location of the item. Lastly, one thing that will help you sell used items faster, is adding the location of the item. Please include the exact location so that the buyer can gauge whether they will come for the item. It also helps the potential buyer understand the cost of transporting the item from your place to their place.

Sell used items in Nairobi through Corido Marketplace.

Finally, whether you are looking for extra money for the holiday season or want to de-clutter your space, the best place to sell used items is here.

Sign up for an account for free and start to sell used items.

Do you have any questions? Please write to us at [email protected]

Contact us at 0794858010, and we will help you.


Avatar of Amina abdirizak
Amina abdirizak
August 17, 2023

I’m selling my furnitures I hope you would help me

February 23, 2024

Share pictures with us for assessment and valuation.

Avatar of Vero
November 26, 2023

Want to sell secondhand carpet

Avatar of Kevin Rakama
Authorized Agent Rakama
November 28, 2023

Hi Veri, kindly get in touch with on 0794858010. You can as well post on our platform for free

Avatar of Catherine kemunto
Catherine kemunto
December 11, 2023

Hello am selling my second hand jua kali deep fryer capacity 20l chips
cutter and display

Avatar of Authorized Agent Rakama
Authorized Agent Rakama
December 12, 2023

Hi too. Thank you for considering us. I believe we received your photos of the items you are selling. Our agent will be able to assist and reach out to you shortly

Avatar of Somo ali
Somo ali
January 25, 2024

I am selling sumsang a51

Avatar of Authorized Agent Rakama
Authorized Agent Rakama
January 27, 2024

We do sell used household items such as furniture, electronics, home appliances and other items, excluding phones and computers. I would advise you to find an alternative to be able to find a buyer for your phone. Thank you for considering us.

Avatar of Lynette
March 13, 2024

I want to sell my second hand couch and 3.5 by 6 bed could you help me out?

Agent Elvis
Agent Elvis
March 15, 2024

Hello! kindly reach out to us on 0794858010

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