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Where To Buy And Sell Home Decor In Kenya

Where To Buy And Sell Home Decor In Kenya

Decorating your home is one way to spruce up its beauty and elegance. It is a nice way to express your style and taste while creating a comfortable and inviting living space that even your guests will love.

You could also sell some home decor items before you upgrade. Whether it is home décor furniture, indoor planters, home accessories, or vases, you can find reliable home décor sellers or buyers near you.

Here is a comprehensive guide to buying and selling home décor in Kenya.

Buying Home Decor in Kenya

The key to effective indoor or outdoor home design and decoration is finding a reliable place to buy home design décor.

Here are some of the best places to buy décor items in Kenya:

1.  Corido Marketplace

Corido Marketplace is the best online platform for buying home décor accessories and items in Kenya that are unique and affordable. You can get vintage wall mirrors, planters, DIY furniture, wall art, door mats, floor carpets, and fluffy rugs, just to mention a few.

You can check out our new home decor listings here.

This eCommerce platform for second-hand items offers more convenience, reliability, and variety, plus it’s secure. 

How to Buy Home Décor Items on Corido Marketplace

Step 1. Using your browser, go to Corido marketplace and click on the “Decor” category. Alternatively, you can enter the word “décor” in the search bar. Press “Enter” on your keyboard or keypad to open the home décor list. 

home décor search results

Scroll down the list and choose the desired décor. You can also filter your results based on category, location, and pricing.

Step 2. When you select the item, you will be connected to an agent to help finish the process.

Home decor buying contact Corido Marketplace agent

2. Home Decor Stores in Kenya

Home décor stores are distributed across the country, and it can be a good place to find décor items in Kenya. There are many home décor stores in Nairobi and other parts of the country, including furniture stores, craft markets, and artisan workshops.

Different home décor stores specialize in a specific item or line of items. For example, you will find décor stores that specialize in home décor furniture, while others specialize in interior décor, and so forth.

Find and visit these stores near you, and check whether they stock your desired home décor accessories. 

3. Thrift stores and Flea Markets in Kenya

Flea markets and thrift stores are some of the most popular places to buy home décor items in Kenya. Flea markets are available on specific days, while thrift markets give you a collection of second-hand décor items at slightly cheaper prices.

If you are thinking of where to buy home décor wholesale in Nairobi, then you can go to Eastleigh and Kamukunji home décor thrift stores and flea markets.

You can find a variety of beautiful décor that meets your needs. However, those outside Nairobi will have to plan and incur more in logistics.

Furthermore, the large volumes of traffic in such places might not give you ample time to select the desired décor items.

Nevertheless, it is worth giving it a try!

Selling Home Decor in Kenya

Just like buying home décor, selling home décor items can be trickier than you thought. Finding the right client and closing the deal can be a challenging experience. 

Nevertheless, it becomes easier than ever if you know the right place to sell them. Some of the best places to sell your home décor items in Kenya include:

1. Online Platforms

Online platforms are a great option, given that they are more convenient and less expensive. You simply post the ad listing and find a customer in far less time from the comfort of your home. You can then wait for the right offer!

sell items on corido marketplace post item button

While there are many home decor listing platforms, not all of them give you the experience you need. Therefore, you ought to be careful when selecting an online platform to buy and sell home décor in Kenya.

Corido Marketplace is an example of one of the best online marketplaces in Kenya. This platform is designed to streamline how you sell your items online.

We boost over 100 new verified ad listings every day and 1000+ site visits daily, meaning you will find new items or sell your home decor items to buyers faster.

Moreover, it is safe, easy to use, convenient, and quite reliable. It allows you to post your home décor items, set your desired price, and describe them in your own words. If you are stuck, you can always book an agent to sell it on your behalf.

We offer the best experience for anyone looking to sell items via online platforms.

Keep in mind that many people post their home décor items online and that buyers value quality. Therefore, ensure your ad is well crafted to entice buyers on the platform.

So, take high-quality photos of your home décor items, give correct, clear, and detailed descriptions of your items, set competitive prices, and promptly respond whenever a customer inquires about your item. 

This way, you are more likely to sell your home decor items faster.

2. Social media

Social media is another place where you can sell home décor in Kenya. Kenya is home to over 10.55 million social media users hence, it has many potential customers, home decor groups, and communities. 

You can leverage various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, among others, to buy or sell your home decor items.

You can use the Facebook Marketplace or follow home décor social media pages and groups on Facebook and Instagram that allow you to buy or sell home decor items.

Remember, while social media offers a huge customer base, it also has many scammers. If you aren’t careful, you can fall victim to common scams as you try to buy or sell home decor.

Wrapping up

Buying and selling home décor in Kenya is that easy! You can use a top online home decor marketplace like Corido Marketplace, which makes it easy to buy or list your items and find buyers. Our marketplace guarantees security, convenience, and transparency for buyers and sellers alike.

Try Corido today and get an unparalleled experience in selling and buying décor items. Contact us at 0794858010 or email us at [email protected] if you need to buy or sell home decor.

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