Most expatriates leave their assets when they return to their country. It requires a lot of work and is quite stressful to find an honest way to sell household goods in Kenya.

If you’re a foreigner or an expatriate currently living in Kenya, you know the stress of selling your goods before departing. You have to find a channel to help you get rid of all your unwanted household items and vehicles as fast as possible, which is not easy!

This article will address a few challenges expatriates face while getting rid of their household items here in Kenya. If you have any concerns or needs about expatriate sale, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. You can expect a response from our team within 12 hours of contacting us.

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Main Challenges Expatriates Face While Leaving Kenya

1. Communication.

I don’t mean to say that language is a big issue since Kenya is an English-speaking country. But the challenge here is for both the seller and the buyer who have no experience in selling or buying used goods to come to terms.

Most expatriates would find it challenging to deal with people from different backgrounds to get to a common level of understanding as far as negotiation is concerned.

A typical second-hand buyer is looking for a cheap product, while an expatriate would be looking at the quality of the item and price it accordingly.

2. Pricing And Valuation.

As I mentioned earlier, putting a price on a used item is not easy. No one uses the standard way of evaluating assets in their homes as it is for commercial assets. The reason is, the owner has some attachment to these assets.

Claiming that they have taken reasonable care since purchase, some say that the items are rarely used. Other homeowners bought these items from a pricey shop without bargaining, while some purchased from the black markets, auction yards, discount stores, or even from their family and friends.

3. Customer Service

This is another crucial part where the company comes in to help expatriates by offering our services and helping them get rid of their household items.

The company makes it easy for both parties to know how this service works, offers free advice when needed, provides price quotes with ease, and takes care of all paperwork.

4. Logistics And Shipping.

Another big challenge is getting an individual responsible for handling logistics from point A (expatriate’s home) to point B (buyer’s premise).

Expatriates are always worried about selling goods online because they fear someone might steal their valuables or damage them while on transit. At the same time, buyers are also concerned if the items would arrive without any mishaps.

Transporting electronic appliances or delicate furniture is a significant risk to both parties. It’s also unclear who is responsible for any damages that may arise while transporting the goods, bringing another challenge of who agrees to cater to transport and packaging costs.

5. Security.

Most homeowners in Nairobi are scared to meet strangers in their homes. Our study showed that 60% of homes owners in Nairobi would prefer not to sell their household items due to a lack of security.

6. Lack of Privacy.

A lack of privacy is another issue with people that are not willing to keep information private. Expatriates may be too open with what they are doing, which can be taken advantage of if kept in the public eye.

For example, if someone posts pictures on the internet of who the sellers are, where they work, or what they have, anyone may want to steal their information or find where they live.

I have seen situations where people have asked someone on social media how much their car is worth and posted pictures of it to get a response. Please note that this does not always happen, but there could be situations where information is not secure.

What Corido Marketplace Does for Expatriates In Kenya

Corido Marketplace bridges the gap between buyers and sellers, providing a platform that makes it easy for expatriates to sell their items online before they leave the country.

Unlike other platforms for expatriate classified ads and Facebook pages, Corido provides a well-structured and stress-free, quick, and secure solution for sorting out the expatriate sale process.

Advantages of Using Corido Services For Expatriate Sale In Kenya

  • Corido Marketplace has a huge market base for second-hand items in Kenya. A massive advantage for anyone looking for a quick market for household goods.
  • Corido assists you in the valuation exercise of your items as per the current Kenyan second-hand market. Having been in the Kenyan market for a while, the Corido agency has garnered good and updated market data on the current valuation of household goods in Kenya.
  • Kenya’s leading second-hand dealer also provides complete customer service, giving you free time to do other essential tasks. These services include answering questions about the items, price negotiation, photography, customer feedback collection, delivery, cleaning, and after-sale support.
  • They provide door-to-door delivery of the items in a secure and timely manner to your buyer’s premises. Also known as a home-to-home connection.
  • Another advantage adding to the list is privacy. Corido agency has proof that you can maintain your privacy or anonymity by use of agency service. The agents represent you as the “owners” of the items and transact on your behalf.

Both parties (Corido Marketplace and the seller) sign an agreement to legally bind the process and protect both entities from any challenges. This process is very secure and reliable. Due to time constraints or emergencies, many expatriates have left their unsold inventory to the agency for a slow pace sale.

Expatriate Sale Conclusion 

Corido Marketplace is a great place to sell your items and generate extra income before you leave Kenya. With the high demand for quality second-hand household goods, Corido provides expatriates with an outlet that makes it easy to get rid of all their unwanted stuff while helping buyers find quick solutions necessary for their everyday life.

Corido services are also efficient because they save time by taking care of everything until it safely reaches its new owner’s premises. In addition, if you have things too big or risky to deliver yourself, such as vehicles or large objects like furniture and alike, then selling on Corido Marketplace will be even more convenient since they can handle that part too!

Finally, this company offers excellent customer service, meaning that they will take care of your items and make sure to deliver them in a secure and timely manner.

As a parting shot, it would be wise to try our services out. Visit the website to find other expatriate items on sale.

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