Our Vision

Corido supervises your impossible desires efficiently. In the inflation stream, even things are older but in new condition. We professionally assist you with striking designs of household articles.


Nowadays, everyone enjoys shopping for new things, but not everyone can. Every middle-class person has a budget that forces them to give up their goals. However, second-hand markets allow people to purchase the goods of their choice.

Additionally, there are not always free second-hand markets. In this situation, online markets are currently contributing greatly to global commerce. Without further late, allow me to introduce you to a company that will assist you in getting the items you have only been able to imagine.

"What will be seen, will be sold"

Corido Markeplace - About Us

About Us

We are providing our clients with a simple, responsive website platform, simple navigation, transparent and safe payment options, and quick, high-quality delivery, the greatest possible online shopping experience throughout our channels. It is all done with a highly receptive team under the inspection of the CEO, called Kevin Rakama.

Being at the world’s driving business stage requires unparalleled vision, advancement, and execution. We won’t ever settle. We challenge our thoughts of what’s conceivable to all and more likely address our client’s issues. Tell the truth, straightforward, and focused on making a valiant effort for our clients and our organization.

Our Mission

“At Corido, our mission is to make you feel quick, trustable, and guaranteed with your purchase. We want to ensure your buying and selling experience is smooth and easy as possible in a most suitable range. 

Core Values

Stay in the shop and get all the well-loved products you desire.

‘’You Wish, We deliver’’

Corido Marketplace - Buy, Sell , Rent And Dispose

Brand Story

You people are valuable and your desires are too. We love to deliver all household equipment at very reasonable prices on a single platform.  A lot of people have things that are unwanted for them but a keen desire of many others.

One person wants to purchase and a few want to sell. Now, you don’t have to go somewhere else because we are providing our clients with the ease of getting their desired equipment at a single click, without hurting their self-respect. Stop asking others to buy their things and also there is no need to look desirable to find adorable things at simple pricing.

Corido is presenting its users, with almost new and refreshing household items with the remarkable ease of online visitors to our website. You just have to communicate with the product owner and get it at home with the advisement of family.

                                                ‘’Spend less, Get more’’.

With the passage of time, everyone desires to bestow a refreshing look at his living/ lifestyle. Each person requires an up-to-the-minute and energizing lifestyle but limited resources create hurdles in the way of innovation. Corido is speedily working for people belonging to different statuses.   While taking care of their assets and money. Our website is facilitating you with:- Cars- Textile- Furniture- Electronics- Scrap metals- Expatriate sale- Home and Kitchen appliances- Equipment, machinery, and tools

Customer Reviews

Reading other customer feedback gets you ahead of things because what's trusted is tested.

 Amos Museti
Amos Museti
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Timely response, item as described and good customer relations. I highly recommend them .
Lilian I
Lilian I
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I have bought several items from Corido and I must say am impressed with all the items I got. Try them and they are also super friendly. Thank you for your services.
Brian Ssebunya
Brian Ssebunya
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Excellent service. I now have a fully furnished apartment courtesy of Corido Marketplace.

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