Where To Buy and Sell Businesses in Kenya

Where To Buy and Sell Businesses in Kenya

There are several reasons why you might want to sell or buy a business in Kenya. Maybe you have consistently run into losses, lost major clients, relocated to another place, or just want to move on to new ventures. 

On the other hand, you might be looking to invest in an existing business, yet you can’t figure out where and how to buy a small business in Kenya. 

We are here to help you find the right deal! Here is a detailed guide on how to buy and sell businesses in Kenya.

What Should You Consider Before You Buy and Sell Business in Kenya?

Before you even buy or sell a business, there are several factors to consider to make your process smooth and easier for you. 

Here are some of the key aspects you ought to keep in mind before selling or buying a business in Kenya:

Financial Budget:

A detailed budget tells you whether you have the relevant finances to buy or sell a business or not in the first place. 

If you are looking to buy a business, your budget should cover the acquisition terms, operating costs, marketing, stocking, and other peripheral costs.

Due diligence information:

You should take time to assess the business inside and out before you commit to buying or selling it.

If you are looking at buying a pharmacy business in Kenya, for example, you will need to check that the business owner has all necessary county and even country licenses, permits, certifications, and regulatory approvals required to operate legally.

You should also check the financial records, including KRA returns, for the time it has been operating. This will help you assess if there are any tax liabilities, deductions, or compliance with KRA regulations. 

Tip: Depending on the size of the business, you are better off seeking help from professionals like lawyers and an accountant to guide you throughout the process of buying a business, from initial evaluation to closing the deal.

Valuation of the Business:

Business value is often the most negotiated aspect when selling or buying a business. 

The value must be fair to both parties and should consider aspects like licensing, business potential, type of industry, and physical and intellectual properties.

Again, if it is a large value transaction, then you should engage a qualified professional valuer to assist you in the business valuation aspect. 

Business Location:

As you look to buy any business in Kenya, it is also important to be very conscious of the location of the target business.
Location can make or break a business because it plays a critical role in shaping the size of customers and other relevant stakeholders.

Generally speaking, here is a checklist of what to check when buying a business (or prepare if you are selling)

  • Income records 
  • Tax documents
  • Existing contracts and agreements
  • Business Plan
  • Existing assets and inventory
  • Country and Country licenses and permits
  • customer and supplier Relationships
  • Debt and any existing Liabilities

The Most Profitable Small Businesses in Kenya You Can Buy or Sell

In Kenya, there are small businesses that you can consider investing in without breaking the bank. Whether online or physical, you can easily get a profitable business to start or buy with 100K or more, depending on the size and location. 

Some of these businesses include:

1. Fast Food
Many Kenyans located in major towns love fast food for its convenience, speed, and accessibility, making it a popular choice for meals and snacks.

You can thus buy an existing fast-food restaurant with little capital and start making some monthly cash. 

2. Fresh Juice Bar
You can make fresh fruit juice from different fruits to create different flavors for diverse customer tastes. 

3. Grocery Store Business
Kenyans like vegetables, fruits, and ingredients. Investing in a grocery store means you have a customer base that doesn’t need to be convinced to buy your groceries. As long as you make sure your grocery store is neat and strategically positioned to attract customers,

4. Butchery Business
Kenyans love meat, including
nyama choma. You can thus invest in a butchery business, but again, ensure it’s in the right location. 

5. Photography
The photography business has been gaining momentum and is worth investing in. You can grow your brand and start covering events and other gigs for money.

For this, you will need to invest in a high-resolution camera to capture top-quality images. 

6. Printing and photocopy business
Although the world is trying to go paperless, the place of printing and photocopying simply cannot be taken away. You can buy a printing business with the right equipment, like printers and photocopiers.

There are many other high-profit businesses you can invest in, such as poultry farming, starting a blog, M-Pesa shops, and selling clothes, among others. 

Corido Marketplace: Best Place to Buy and Sell Businesses in Kenya

Corido Marketplace is the perfect platform to buy or sell an existing business in Kenya without breaking a sweat. This is an eCommerce platform that connects sellers with the right buyers, making the selling process easy and secure.

Corido Marketplace Home page Biz4Sale

If you are a seller, you simply post the business, describe it, and wait for potential buyers to contact you.

If you are a buyer, you simply filter your searches to meet your desired price, location, size, and the like.

Again, the buying and selling process is straightforward thanks to the user-friendly interface and well-labelled navigations. 

The beauty is that you can book an agent to help you navigate the process and find the buyer or seller that meets your needs. This saves you time, energy, and resources of moving from one place to another while trying to find the right business in Kenya 

Wrapping up

Frankly, buying or selling a business in Kenya can be easier said than done. Talk about the entire process of finding a seller or buyer and closing the deal. Fortunately, the Corido Marketplace has simplified everything for you. Now you know how you can find, buy, and sell businesses in Kenya from the comfort of your phone!

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