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How to Sell Old Assets on Corido Marketplace.

Do you have used items in your house and are looking to dispose of them? Are you a company planning to create room in your stores and reduce the cost of holding old assets? Decluttering your home or office is one of the best ways you can create a clean and organized environment. And at the same time, turn your old assets into cash. In this post, we are going to show you how to sell old assets in the Corido marketplace.

Online auctions in Kenya are gaining authority, and they are the easiest way to sell, rent, or dispose of used items. Online auctioning is a process whereby a seller posts items on the auction site online and sells them to the highest bidder. Unlike traditional auctioning, online auctions give sellers and buyers more opportunities and higher chances of making a sale at a reasonable price. Access to the internet and extensive use of smartphones means that your biggest deal is a click away.

Corido Marketplace is an online auction firm led by Kevin Rakama established to help you conveniently sell your used items. As a seller, you can create an account and have your assets verified by an agent, take pictures, and then post them on our site. Wait for buyers to contact you once your ad goes live on the Corido marketplace.

Reasons why you need to sell in Corido.

Unlike other online auctioning firms in Kenya, the Corido Marketplace strives to give sellers a safe and secure place to dispose of their items quickly. Don’t get exploited just because you are selling a second-hand item. Below are some of the reasons why you need to sell your items on the Corido marketplace in Kenya.

1. The Corido market is safe and secure.

Selling items online is risky because of fraudsters who scam unsuspecting sellers, and before you know it, you’ve lost your items. Buyers, too, face this challenge. However, selling or buying at the Corido Marketplace is safe and secure. Before an ad goes live on our site, we verify that the item is in good condition, and the owner is ready to sell. Additionally, our agent takes real pictures of the products and posts them on our site.

2. Selling and buying items is easy and convenient.

You can create an account for free in easy steps and start posting your ads. We will do the hard work for you to find customers for your items. If you’ve been searching for second-hand items, then we have them. Check out the available items and place an order. Remember, you need to create an account to contact the seller.

3. You can sell single or bulk items on the Corido marketplace.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to get rid of all the dead stock in your house or company in one go? The Corido Marketplace allows you to sell items in bulk. This helps you save more time and money while decluttering your homestead or company. It also helps when you need to sell bulk items in the shortest time possible. 

4. There is a review system.

Reviews help buyers and sellers build trust. Having good reviews increases your chances of selling more items as a seller and buying more as a consumer. On the flip side, bad reviews put sellers and buyers off, and your chances of selling an item are slim. The reviews are displayed on your profile so that other users can see them. You can ask for reviews as a buyer or a seller.

5. There are five different types of ads you can place.

Corido Marketplace is not only an auction site but also a place you can sell, buy, exchange, or gift your items to someone in need.  Additionally, you can promote your ads. The Corido Marketplace allows you to promote your submitted ads on the website so that you can sell your product quickly. Ad promotions are available in five different types; bump up the ad, highlight ad, top ad, urgent ad, and home map ad. You can choose any of those to accelerate your sales.

6. You can use agent services.

Unlike other online marketplaces, Corido has professional agents to help you manage your account for a small fee. We train our agents to provide excellent services. You can also sign up as a Corido agent, and we’ll give you the right tools to help you earn income selling items on our marketplace.

7. You can see the location of the seller and buyer.

Knowing the location of items makes it easy for you to buy or sell them. Maps ensure that people searching through locations can find your items faster. When you click on an item, you will be able to see more information about the listed item, and a map pops up on the side. Zoom in on the map to see the exact location of the item.

8. There are different categories for different items.

Whether you are selling farm equipment or sportswear, we have a category for your item. We can customize one for you if you don’t find it in our existing categories. Having categories makes it easier for buyers to find your advertisement. Our shop page has a full list of the available types. 

Types of assets you can auction at the Corido Marketplace.

Kevin Rakama came up with the Corido Marketplace to help you get rid of dead assets and get the best ROI. Your search for a safe and convenient online marketplace ends at Corido. Don’t let a shylock undervalue your assets when you can sell them at competitive rates at the Corido market. Below are the items you can buy or sell.

  1. Furniture-You can sell your old or new furniture at the Corido marketplace. Your old furniture needs to be in good condition to sell on our site.
  2. Electronics: If you have electronics you no longer use, you can sell them here at the Corido Marketplace and make money. The electronics can be computers, phones, TVs, e.t.c
  3. Automobile. Sell anything related to cars here at the Corido online marketplace.
  4. Industrial equipment. Auction any industrial equipment you have on our marketplace.
  5. Machinery: Do you have old machinery like car engines that you no longer use but are in good shape? Sell them on our marketplace.
  6. Business sale. We help business owners who want to sell their businesses get the right professionals to help them in the business sale process. If you are looking to sell your business, then you are in the right place.
  7. Garden and outdoor. List all your garden and outdoor equipment on our site and sell them at a fair price.
  8. Household items: Don’t let old assets fill your space at home. Sell them here at the Corido marketplace. These types of assets include fridges, ovens, cookers, tables, washing machines, TV stands, etc.

How to Sell Your Assets at the Corido Marketplace.

Selling second-hand items has never been this easy. At Corido, we strive to give sellers and buyers the best online market experience. Turn your old assets into cash and create spaces in your homes or offices. Sign up today and start selling.

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