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Where to Buy and Sell Used Electronics in Kenya

Where to Buy and Sell Used Electronics in Kenya

Are you looking to buy or sell second-hand electronics near you? Maybe you are even asking yourself whether you can find high-quality second-hand electronics anywhere in Kenya. The answer is yes! You can find nice second-hand electronics, some that are even as good as new.

Well, we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide that will tell you more about where to buy and sell used electronics in Kenya:

Why buy or sell used electronics in Kenya?

For starters, buying the right second-hand electronics in Kenya is an excellent alternative to buying new gadgets, which can be much more expensive. 

This is especially the case for established brands in the market, like if you would like to buy a new original Samsung TV, the latest used iPhone, a brand new microwave, a top-spec laptop, and the like. 

On the flip side, you might be looking to sell your used gadget if you are looking to upgrade to another model. Perhaps you are relocating abroad? Maybe you need some quick cash, or you just need to declutter your space.

Regardless, there are many places where you can buy or sell used electronic items.

Let’s look at some of the best options you can use:

Where to Buy and Sell Used Electronics in Kenya:

1. Corido Marketplace

Corido Marketplace is a leading online seller and buyer of second-hand electronics in Kenya. It is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce shops where you can find or sell affordable fridges, smart TVs, mobile phones, cameras, speakers, printers, computers, and other electronic products from most brands on the market.

Here are some of the popular gadgets and brands you can find on this marketplace:

  • TVs: Sony TV, TCL, Google TV, Hisense TV, LG TV, Royal TV, Synix, Vitron TV and more
  • Gaming Consoles: PlayStation (PS3, PS4, PS5), Nintendo and Xbox, including their accessories like controllers, pads, headsets and more
  • Computers, Laptops & Accessories-HP, Toshiba, Apple, Dell, ASUS, Lenovo, and more
  • Phones, Tablets, and Accessories: iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Sony Xperia, Infinix, Xiaomi, Oppo, Google Pixel, Tecno, and more. You can also buy or sell accessories like smartwatches, air pods, wireless earbuds, and more.
  • Projectors
  • Cameras & Drones

You can check out second-hand electronic hot deals that meet your needs and budget.

Buy and Sell Used Electronics in Kenya

The beauty of buying using the Corido Marketplace is that the product appearance and specs are well-listed making it easier for you to know what you are getting.  You can also sort your desired electronics based on prices, location, and categories. 

This level of convenience simplifies your work and makes you spend minimal time and energy to get or sell your electronics. Besides the quality and availability of variety, Corido Marketplace makes transactions secure and easy. You can buy or sell your second-hand electronics without worrying about getting scammed.

The payment process is also secure, transparent, and fast.

How To Sell Using the Corido Marketplace

Here is a quick guide on how to sell your used electronics in Kenya via the Corido Marketplace:

Step 1: Start by creating an account on Corido if you don’t have one. If you already have an account, you can simply log in. 

Step 2: Take good pictures of the electronic gadget you would like to sell

Step 3: You can then post your ad. Just fill in your ad name and the description of the gadget (make sure this is accurate), and you are good to go!

Post ad Corido Marketplace

Tip: Should you have any challenges navigating the eCommerce platform or selling your products on Corido Marketplace, you can book a Cordio marketplace agent to help you sell your product.

2. Popular Social Media Sites in Kenya

Social media is another nice place where you can find and sell second-hand electronics in Kenya for free. The key is to choose a suitable social media site and target potential clients.

For example, you can use the Facebook Marketplace to easily sell or buy your products. You can target local listings and join dedicated groups and forums to get better results.

You can even try creative posts, like using videos or images, to attract potential clients.

For Instagram, you can explore high-traffic hashtags like #usedkenyaelectronics or follow the accounts that sell or buy electronics.

While social media sites are great at finding buyers and sellers from all over Kenya, beware that these platforms are also full of scammers. You’ll need to be alert and proactive to distinguish between genuine buyers, sellers, and cons.

Also, some of these products sold on social media might be exaggerated, while some gadgets can be counterfeits of popular brands in the market

3. Physical Second-Hand Stores Near You

Electronics stores near you can be suitable alternatives, especially if you need to make a quick sale. There are several good physical stores across the country and you can find them in major cities and towns in Kenya, including Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu 

You can visit these physical stores near you and take your time to explore, find the gadget you need, and then negotiate on the price.

Just ensure that you are getting the right deal to avoid overpaying for a used electronic.

4. Electronics Repair Shops

Electronic repair shops are also in virtually every suburban area in Kenya. While repair is their primary service, most of them often buy second-hand electronics and resell them for a profit.

You can visit a repair shop near you and sell or buy second-hand electronics.

The problem, though, is that repair shops are not ideal if you are looking for variety. Most tend to have limited space to stock variety.

Some repair shops in Kenya can also swap components of different electronics, meaning you might not get value for your money.

Is it Safe to Buy Second-hand Electronics?

Buying or selling your used gadgets is generally safe as long as you take proactive steps to protect yourself. Again, you should take steps to protect yourself from con men and unscrupulous vendors operating in the space. 

You are better off using Corido Marketplace, the best eCommerce for used items in Kenya that guarantees safety for buyers and sellers.  

Final Remarks

Buying or selling your second-hand electronics in Kenya is easy as long as you can find the right seller or buyer near you. Corido Marketplace is here to make this easy for you. We are the best second-hand online electronic shop in Kenya that guarantees safety, security, and convenience.

Feel free to contact us at 0794858010 or email us at [email protected], if you need to buy or sell your smart TV, PlayStation, drone camera, phone, laptop, or any electronic gadget for that matter. 


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