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Second-Hand Fridge Buyers in Kenya: Sell Your Fridge with Ease

Second-Hand Fridge Buyers in Kenya: Sell Your Fridge with Ease

Do you have an unused fridge that is taking up much space in your kitchen area, and you are looking for second-hand fridge buyers in Kenya? Do you want to upgrade your fridge to a different model, brand, or fridge with better features, like, say, a two-door fridge? Well, you can find second-hand fridge buyers near you and sell your fridge!

Frankly, selling used fridges in Kenya or any other gadget has always been quite a hassle. Talk about everything from finding that buyer in the first place to even avoiding getting conned in the process.

This is where the Corido Marketplace for used items in Kenya comes in handy to help you sell your second-hand fridge in Kenya fast and easily.

Corido Marketplace: Convenient Second-hand Fridge Buyers in Kenya

Corido Marketplace is the best place to sell second-hand fridges in Kenya for many reasons. This online eCommerce platform connects you with many verified buyers across the country, making it possible to sell fridges quickly at competitive prices.

You can sell virtually any type of fridge as long as it is in a good state and genuinely as described. 

Corido Marketplace Second-hand Fridge Buyers in Kenya

This platform gives you an easy-to-use interface to list your used fridges from the comfort of your phone. You’ll also get quick customer support to guide you through the process of listing, finding, and getting a buyer. Unlike other places, like online classified platforms in Kenya, the Corido Marketplace is secure, and you can transact your business without fear of getting scammed online.

Put simply, you can hardly come across better second-hand fridge buyers in Kenya!

Reasons to Sell Your Fridge on Corido

Corido has grown to be the number one market for second-hand fridges, and there is every reason for this. Here are some of the reasons why the Corido Marketplace is the best place to sell your used fridge.

  • 10M+ Target Market: As the leading online second-hand buying and selling platform in Kenya, many potential buyers of used items visit the Corido Marketplace website to buy or sell products. You are thus guaranteed a large audience, and this is a huge plus in selling your fridge.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Corido Marketplace is also one of the simplest listing platforms for sellers of second-hand items. Posting your fridge for sale is a straightforward process.
    You simply need to create an account here to post your fridge. Alternatively, you can book an agent to help you list your fridge for sale on the marketplace.
  • Sorting Features: Corido Marketplace allows buyers to search for items based on specific criteria such as type, price, and location. This targeted search makes it easier for buyers to find your fridge because they don’t have to scroll through the long list of second-hand fridges.
  • Competitive Pricing: This platform gives you the freedom to define your desired price. Therefore, you can set a competitive price to attract many customers and sell faster.
    You can even talk with customers directly to make the process of selling the fridge smooth for both parties.  
  • Safety and Security: With Corido Marketplace, you are guaranteed a safe and secure platform. All users are verified during registration, and your transactions are encrypted. Therefore, there is a very low risk of scamming or abuse of your privacy.
  • This platform offers additional benefits to help you navigate and find customers with ease and speed. There is an optional premium listing that gives you enhanced capabilities to sell your fridge.
    Again, you can always get swift assistance from a dedicated agent if you need it.

Types of Fridges You Can Sell

You can sell any used fridge that’s in good condition, including brands such as LG fridges, Von fridges, Hotpoint fridges, etc., including freezers. We value quality; that’s why we have set standards for the condition of what is posted to help deliver the utmost quality to sellers and buyers alike.

Some of the popular categories of fridges accepted on the site include single-door, double-door, side-by-side, mini-fridges, and commercial fridges. Your fridge should either be working, slightly used, or new.

Corido Marketplace has facilitated many fridge sale transactions, with many buyers and sellers expressing their satisfaction with the level of our services.

That’s the reason we have over 100 new verified ad listings every day and 1000+ site visits daily!

Used Fridge Selling Tips To Maximize Success

The best way to sell your used fridge on online platforms is to keep in mind that you are looking to entice buyers looking for second-hand fridges to buy online in Kenya. Here are some selling tips to boost your chances of getting a buyer faster via the Corido Marketplace:

  • Get the pricing right. For starters, you must take time to find the market rates for new and used fridges in Kenya before you settle on a figure. Factor in aspects like its condition and how similar models are priced on our marketplace. A good price will help you avoid scaring off potential. 
  • Take high-quality photos of your fridge. This is certainly the best place to start before you post your ad. Again, you want to entice more potential buyers to your listing. You should thus capture the item from multiple angles and close-ups to showcase the fridge’s condition. Perhaps you should use a phone with a good camera to get some nice shots.
  • Give a clear and detailed description of your second-hand fridge. The Corido platform allows you to outline the key features, dimensions, and any unique selling point about the fridge. You can be creative in your description, but avoid exaggerating the description of its features and condition.
  • Be available and ready to promptly answer inquiries. Being prompt to any queries on the listing will improve your chances of selling the fridge online. 
  • Be flexible and willing to consider customer options. For example, you can offer a delivery option to entice buyers to consider buying the fridge.

Tip: Don’t hesitate to speak to our agent to help you through the process of selling your used fridge online through our Marketplace. 

Wrapping up

In a nutshell, selling your fridge on Corido will guarantee you a large pool of potential buyers, convenience, security, and affordability. We have made listing and selling second-hand items easy, and you are bound to get suitable buyers faster!

Just give us a call at +254794 858010 or send us an email at [email protected]. We will buy your used fridge or help you connect to the right buyer for your used fridge.

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