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DIY Furniture : Where To Buy and Sell Here In Kenya

DIY Furniture : Where To Buy and Sell Here In Kenya

DIY furniture, which stands for Do It Yourself, can be a good and cost-effective way to revamp your home or office to your taste. The beauty is that it is relatively cheap and customizable, plus it gives you room to get creative.

As a DIY lover, you might be looking for unique and stylish DIY furniture online. You might also be looking to sell your furniture, like palettes, to buyers who are looking to spruce up their living or commercial spaces.  

Where to Buy and Sell  DIY Furniture in Kenya

1. Corido Marketplace

Corido Marketplace is the number-one place to sell and buy DIY furniture in Kenya. Whether you need an affordable DIY dining table, DIY kitchen cabinets on a budget, DIY bookshelf, or DIY coffee table, among others, this online platform allows you to seamlessly buy and sell your furniture as though you are physically interacting with buyers and suppliers.

At Corido Marketplace, we have a diverse range of furniture, ranging from rustic pallet creations to modern upcycled masterpieces.

Check out some of the furniture hot deals we have here. You can filter the furniture based on categories, location, and price.

You will find important details like pricing and the duration of the furniture that has been in use. The platform is easy to navigate, even if it’s your first time.

Additionally, Corido Marketplace guarantees you safe and secure transactions. The payment process is super secure.

You don’t have to worry about getting scammed, like in the case of other listing websites for used items. You can confidently buy or sell furniture in Kenya, knowing that our systems will protect you from fraudsters or scammers.

How to Sell Your DIY Furniture on Corido Marketplace

Selling your furniture on the Corido Marketplace is super easy.

You simply need to take a very good picture of your furniture. You can decide to post the furniture yourself or book an agent to help you through the process.

Here are the steps to take to sell your do-it-yourself furniture:

Step 1. You can create an account with Corido Marketplace. Once you are done with registration, log in using your username and password to get started. Go to the top center and hit the “Post Item” button.

sell items on corido marketplace post item button

Step 2. Enter the general details of your furniture in the fields provided. This includes the ad name, category, location, and description. Under “Description,” upload your own-made furniture.

Post ad Corido Marketplace

Step 3. When you are satisfied, click the “Post Your Ad” button to post your furniture to Corido Marketplace. This will undergo an internal review for acceptance before it goes live. 

If you want to use an agent to sell the furniture,

Step 1. Click the “Book an Agent” button on the main page.

Book an agent corido marketplace

Step 2. Fill out the agent booking form and submit it. A customer agent will be assigned to you. The agent will evaluate your furniture, take photos, and help you list and sell the furniture online.

How to Buy DIY Furniture on Corido Marketplace

Buying furniture on the Corido marketplace is also a straightforward process. Again, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to post the ad listing, plus, you can always engage a customer agent to help you if you are stuck.

Here are the steps on how to buy furniture in Kenya via the Corido platform:

Step 1. On your browser, navigate to the Corido Marketplace furniture category of listings

Step 2. Scroll down the variety of furniture and check pricing and other details. You can also sort your desired furniture based on location, minimum price, maximum price, and category.
For categories, you can choose a living room, office, kitchen, dining area, bedroom, and outdoor options.

Buy DIY Furniture in Kenya

Step 3. Pick your desired furniture, and you will be connected to an agent. Click “Chat” to start chatting with an agent to finish the buying process.

2. Furniture Stores

Another place to buy and sell furniture is a physical furniture store near you. These stores are of different sizes and offer different furniture materials, including those suitable for your homemade furniture.

Check around woodcraft centers in your local area or estate and find furniture that meets your needs. Most of them will sell specific materials or furniture parts. However, most furniture stores in Kenya hardly offer a lot in terms of variety. 

You might also pay more compared to online platforms like Corido Marketplace.

3. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a popular e-commerce platform on Facebook that connects you with potential buyers and sellers in your communities. This platform is accessible directly via Facebook or through the mobile app. With your existing Facebook account, you can easily join the Facebook marketplace and start checking out or posting furniture.

While Facebook Marketplace can connect you with many potential buyers and sellers, it is not as safe to trade as Corido Marketplace. There are many scammers disguised as genuine buyers and sellers. Therefore, you ought to be careful as you look to sell or buy furniture listed via Facebook. 

4. Buy or Sell Directly from Craftsmen and Artisans

You can also buy and sell furniture via woodwork craftsmen and artisans within your locality. If you are lucky, you can find a craftsman who does woodwork projects, and they can execute your DIY furniture project from scratch. 

This is thus a good option if you have a furniture concept and would like it custom-made for you.

Wrapping up

In a nutshell, there are several places where you can buy and sell furniture, including Corido Marketplace, which is the best marketplace where you can buy and sell stuff online in Kenya. 

Corido gives you variety, quality, and security as you buy or sell your furniture online. Its easy-to-use platform gives you the convenience of finding buyers and sellers from the comfort of your phone.

Contact us via 0794858010 or email us at [email protected] to start buying or selling furniture in Kenya today. 


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