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Scrapping Your Vehicle in Kenya? Here is What You Need to Know

Scrapping Your Vehicle in Kenya? Here is What You Need to Know

Do you own an old car lying in your backyard? Did you know that you can make money by selling that old car as scrap? Scrapping your vehicle is the best way to make money while keeping the environment safe. However, many vehicle owners don’t understand how vehicle scraping is done and end up leaving their old vehicles to waste away in the backyard.

Selling your vehicle as scrap not only earns you money, but you also contribute towards environmental conservation by safely disposing of the old car.

 Even though your car is old, selling it as scrap is not easy. There are legal regulations you must adhere to as a scrap seller. Additionally, you need to have a clear understanding of your car’s worth before selling it.

Why sell your vehicle as scrap?

They say old is gold, and this narrative applies to your old car lying in the backyard. On average, a vehicle has 30,000 parts. This means that you have excellent ways to make good money from your old car. Below are the three crucial reasons why you need to scrap your old vehicle that is occupying space in your home.

1. Get quick cash.

An old vehicle can be a lifesaver when you have an emergency and need quick cash. Scrap dealers will pay you instantly before they move your old car. However, the value of an old vehicle varies from one car to another. Many factors determine the amount of money you are going to get from the sale. Some of these factors include the type of vehicle, age, and vehicle parts in demand. The good thing is that in the end, you are going to get money out of it instead of having the vehicle rot in the garage.

2. Create extra space.

Let’s face it; old vehicles occupy a lot of space in your compound. And not only that, it poses a significant risk to the environment if it spills oil. Also, it makes your backyard look nasty and unappealing. By selling your old vehicle off as scrap, you are creating more space in your parking lot and saving yourself from health hazards. You can use the extra space for something useful like creating a beautiful garden or creating an extra space for your new car.

3. You save the environment.

Road unworthy vehicles in Kenya pose a high risk to the environment. A car is not biodegradable, so it needs to be disposed of safely. When you sell it as scrap, scrap dealers will reuse or recycle the essential parts of your old vehicle and safely dispose of the damaged parts according to the standard requirements of environmental laws. Proper vehicle disposal is the best way to save the environment from health hazards.

Things you need to know before selling your vehicle as scrap in Kenya.

Selling your old vehicle as scrap is a necessary process you need to pay more attention to for you to make the most out of your old car.

You may not know how some of the parts of your car are important unless you do some serious research or consult with an expert before selling. That said, below are the things you need to consider before selling off your vehicle as scrap.

1. Understand the types of vehicles that qualify for scraping.

Are you ready to sell your vehicle as scrap or do you instead sell it as a second-hand car? You see, there are many factors to consider before deciding to sell your old car. Because your ultimate goal is to make the most out of the vehicle, you need to weigh between selling it as is or selling it as scrap metal. If your vehicle still works pretty fine apart from rusting and minor issues, you may want to sell it as a used vehicle. 

However, if the critical parts of your vehicle like the engine are in a bad state, then it is best to sell it as scrap. It is not worth spending more money repairing a car that is in a terrible state.

2. Understand the rules and regulations involving vehicle scrapping.

Just because your car is a piece of junk doesn’t mean that you can throw it away anyhow. There are metal scrapping rules and regulations you will need to follow when selling it as scrap in Kenya. Make sure that you are not on the wrong side of the law like selling your car to an unlicensed scrap dealer. Also, check to make sure that all the paperwork is done the right way. And that the relevant authorities know that your car is no longer on the road. 

3. Know the value of each part of your car before selling it as scrap.

Another thing to know before selling your old car as scrap is to identify the most valuable parts of your vehicle. A catalytic converter, for example, is one of the most valuable parts of your car because it is made up of the most expensive metals like platinum, palladium, or rhodium. Other expensive parts include the GPS if it is in good condition, doors, airbags, wheels, tires, and rims.

Knowing the most expensive parts of your car helps you to fetch the highest price and avoid dealer manipulation. It also plays a major role in the overall valuation process of your vehicle.

4. Are you going to sell a few parts of your old car or scrap the whole vehicle?

Understanding whether to sell a part of your car or the whole vehicle is also another vital thing to know before scrapping. Determine whether there are essential parts of your vehicle that you will want to use in the future. However, if you see that the car is completely useless and needs to be disposed of, then you can scrap it. Remember that you may want to keep some parts of your vehicle if you find them useful or you can reuse them.

5. Find the best vehicle scrapping dealer in Kenya.

The final step when scrapping an old car is to find the best scrap dealer in Kenya. There are many scrap dealers in Kenya but do they deal with vehicle scrapping? Does the dealer have a license? The best vehicle scrap dealer is one who is licensed and will provide the best services when it comes to scrapping your car. The good news is that the Corido Marketplace can help you. We are an online marketplace where you can sell, buy, rent, or dispose of used assets, including scrapping your old vehicle.

Scrap your car and add money to your pocket today.

Scrapping your old vehicle in Kenya should not be hard. Save the environment today by disposing of dead cars in the right place. Are you ready to scrap your car? The Corido Marketplace can help.

Call us today.

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