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Buying Office Furniture in Kenya? 5 Factors to Consider.

Buying Office Furniture in Kenya? 5 Factors to Consider.

Office Furniture For Sale In Kenya

Are you buying office furniture in Kenya? You’ve probably set up a business and acquired your new office space, and it is time to fill up that office ready to bring your ideas to reality. The biggest mistake you can make when buying office furniture in Kenya is not considering all factors.

Buying furniture is not like going to the grocery store and making orders. It is an investment that you will want to account for every cash spent. 

We can all agree that the process of acquiring new office furniture is intense, so when is the right time to buy office furniture?

 Buying office furniture not only creates a safe and professional workplace for your employees but also boosts productivity and saves you money.

When is the right time to buy office furniture?

Depending on your needs and business, the right time to buy office furniture differs.

You need to plan to buy furniture when there is a need for more or new furniture.

If you are getting new office furniture to replace the old furniture, you can plan to buy them when dealers offer huge discounts on sales. That will save you a lot of money.

Some of the reasons to buy office furniture are;

  • You have a brand new office that needs furniture.
  • The current office furniture is old.
  • You are doing an office makeover, and there is a need to add more office furniture.

Different types of office furniture you can buy.

Office furniture comes in different sizes, uses, and models, and is manufactured to serve different purposes. Below are different office furniture you can buy for your office. They comprise both desks and chairs.

  • Computer desks-These are desks that create more space for all electronic devices you need for your work. Computer desks are suitable for placing computers and any other electronics you use at work.
  • Managerial desks- These are office desks that create ample working space for managers.
  • Height adjustable desks. Do you have employees whose work at the office requires standing? Height-adjustable desks are their perfect fit.
  •  Writing desks- These are distraction-free office desks that help you focus on your work. They come with no added features like drawers, cabins, or shelves. Also, these types of office desks create more space for small offices.
  • Floating desks- These office desks are fitted to the wall and are suitable for small spaces. It is also ideal for anyone who loves working close to the window.
  • Executive desks- Do you have executives in your office? Executive desks offer more working space with lockable drawers to safeguard essential files and documents.
  • Task chairs- These are the standard office chairs you see in every workplace. Some are adjustable and have wheels for easy moving. Also, they are cost-effective and offer comfort to your employees.
  • Ergonomic chairs- Do you want to avoid chronic lower back pain caused by prolonged sitting hours? Ergonomic chairs are crafted purposely to provide a comfortable sitting position. They have excellent features like armrests, headrests, and adjustable heights. The contoured back support in ergonomic chairs is perfect for people with spine or back pains.
  • Conference chairs- These are ideal chairs for business meetings and boardrooms. You will need these chairs for conferences and collaborations in your office. Unlike other office chairs, conference chairs are not adjustable but are comfortable for long meetings.
  • Executive chairs- Used hand in hand with the executive and managerial office desks, executive chairs offer high-end features like the head and armrests for comfort. They are adjustable and movable, too, for smooth movements around the office.

Factors to consider when buying office furniture in Kenya.

Work needs.

Before buying any office furniture for your business, consider the work needs of your employees. Choose office furniture that offers comfort and health benefits. You don’t want to end up with employees who have back pains and spinal problems. Do your employees spend long hours sitting at work? Ergonomic chairs will offer them support as they execute their duties. Comfortable chairs keep you and your employees more productive and motivated.

The cost of office furniture.

In business, every coin matters. Before buying any office furniture, consider the cost. How much money will you need to buy the furniture? Also, don’t compromise quality by purchasing cheap furniture. It is costly in the long run. 

Do you need quality and cost-effective office furniture? The Corido Marketplace offers a wide range of office desks and chairs that suit all your business needs. 

The office space.

Office furniture comes in different sizes and shapes. It is vital to have in mind the size of the office space before buying furniture. You don’t want to end up with a cluttered office and less working environment for your employees.

The functionality of the furniture.

Before buying any office furniture, consider the functionality of the office furniture. Do you have office stationery? Furniture with drawers will help your employees have a safe place to keep their stationary after work. 

Your business brand.

Your office represents your brand, and so is the office furniture. When buying office furniture, consider your business brand. The color and design of your office furniture should reflect your brand.  

Buy office furniture the right way.

With the right strategies and factors in place, buying office furniture shouldn’t be a hassle. Follow the above tips to avoid mistakes when buying furniture and get the right office furniture that meets your business needs. Go for quality furniture over quantity furniture.

Where to find office furniture for sale in Kenya

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