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How to Effectively Start a Fast Food Business in Kenya

How to Effectively Start a Fast Food Business in Kenya

Do you want to start a fast food business in Kenya? It is 2022, and chances are you want to embark on a new business venture. A fast-food business is one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya. And just like any other business, you need the determination to make your fast food business in Kenya a success.

What makes the fast-food business ideal is that you can start with little capital. If you have little money and want to set up a business and work from your 8–5 job, then the fast-food business is ideal for you. Before starting your business, it is crucial to understand all the requirements you need. You already know that you need cooking equipment, but do you have in mind that you also need permits and certificates from the government authorities to run your business? This post outlines the right steps you need to take before starting a fast food business in Kenya.

Examples of fast foods you can sell include French fries, commonly known in Kenya as “chips,” hot dogs, soft drinks including blended fruit juice, fried chicken, ice cream, pizza, hamburgers, salads, etc.

Starting a fast-food business in Kenya

1. Do market research.

Before starting a fast food business in Kenya, it is vital to do thorough market research. You need to find the opportunities available in the market before launching your business. Identify your ideal customer and the place you want to set up your fast food business. What type of fast food are you going to sell to your customers? How much money will it cost you to start your fast food business? Having answers to these questions will help you plan your business well before launching.

An ideal location for a fast food business is one where there is a high number of foot customers. You don’t want to establish your business in a place where no one will buy from you. A location near a school, in your town’s CBD, or within a college’s premises is the best for fast food businesses.

You can also figure out how to buy an established food business that is on sale. The Corido Marketplace can help you buy a business.

2. Register your fast food business name.

After you do your market research, it is time to register your fast food business name. And it is not just a name; it is your brand’s name. Take time to come up with a business name that shows who you are and who your ideal customer is in the fast-food industry. You can consult a branding professional who understands what they do.

Once you have a business name that resonates with you and is compelling to your ideal customer, you then need to officially register it so that no one can use the name for their businesses.

You can register your fast food business in Kenya online through e-citizen. Some of the requirements for business name registration are your national ID, your business partner’s national ID if you have any business partners and a KRA PIN for tax compliance purposes.

3. Get the necessary business permits.

Running a fast food business implies that you are selling food to the public. For you to operate your business without any legal issues, you need the necessary business permits from your county authorities. You can get a single business permit from your county offices. In Nairobi, you will need Ksh 10,000 to obtain a single business permit for a business that has up to five employees.

Another license you will need for your fast food business in Kenya is the food and hygiene license. A public health officer will have to inspect your business premises to ascertain that it is safe and clean to prepare food. Once you are approved, you will be issued a license to operate the business.

Finally, you will also need a food handlers certificate and a fire certificate that shows that you are fully equipped to manage fire in case of a fire emergency on your business premises.

These certificates and licenses will help you avoid any issues with the county askaris.

4. Launch your fast food business.

Launching your fast food business should happen when you have all the above legal licenses to operate. The launching phase is where the actual work comes in, and you need a solid strategy to ensure that the launch goes as planned.

Do you have all the necessary cooking equipment? Some of these items include utensils, gas cylinders, cooking stoves, charcoal, and all the food supplies needed to cook. You can find an affordable supplier to supply the necessary food items you need. 

Additionally, you also need restaurant furniture to get started. Fast-food customers are known to always be on the move, and most of them will order takeaway food. However, some customers will prefer to eat at your restaurant. Here at the Corido Marketplace, we have the best furniture at affordable prices. Save money when you purchase in bulk.

5. Have a marketing plan for your business.

Do you have a marketing strategy for your fast-food business? It should be in your business plan. Your business is brand new, and not many people know about your fast-food restaurant. Have a budget for your business marketing to attract customers and increase sales. Remember that branding plays a significant role in marketing; that is why choosing a business is a crucial stage in your business.

Research competitive ways to market your restaurant without hurting your finances. Some of the cheapest and most effective ways to market your fast food business are through word of mouth. Offer excellent customer service that will leave any customer happy and satisfied. People will tell a friend to tell a friend about your restaurant.

Fast food business in Kenya

Ready to start your fast food business in Kenya? With the right business plan, good food, and excellent customer care services, you are prepared to give other food businesses a run for their money.

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