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Why Moving Out of Kenya Shouldn’t Stress you Anymore

Why Moving Out of Kenya Shouldn’t Stress you Anymore

Moving out of Kenya is a life-changing opportunity for many people and you cannot afford to miss it when the chance comes knocking. You won’t hide the excitement because this move opens for you myriads of job opportunities, business opportunities, and, of course, better living standards. While moving abroad is good news, the stress of dealing with logistics and belongings when leaving Kenya can bite hard. 

Perhaps you have expensive furniture, electronics, and kid toys, and are wondering how you will dispose of them and get something in return. You can sell them to your colleagues, local buyers, or online markets. 

However, finding a suitable buyer and transporting your inventory is not always a walk in the park. Fortunately, this article gives you the solution. 

Challenges of Moving Out of Kenya

Getting that precious opportunity to move out of Kenya is exciting. However, moving out comes with an array of challenges, especially in terms of how to deal with your inventory. Some of the common challenges include:

  • Selling your Furniture

Furniture is expensive and you probably drained your financial muscle to buy it. Your friends might not be interested and potential buyers can quote extremely low prices. Therefore, finding a suitable buyer can be a headache.

  • Finding reliable transporters

If you are fortunate enough to find a reliable buyer, the issue of transporting your inventory comes into play. Perhaps you want to transport furniture, electronics, or fragile items. However, finding a reliable transporter is a headache. Most of them are expensive and might not handle your goods carefully. 

  • Tight deadlines

While you are planning to have relevant logistics and transportation, you also have your travel schedules. Perhaps you need to submit documents or raise the required money within a short time. Also, your flight date is moving closer and you need to balance a lot within a congested timeline.  

All these challenges and others can make you fail to sell your inventory and raise the desired amount. Perhaps you might be obliged to leave your belongings behind and this can really mess up your emotional state. 

Why Leaving Your Inventory Shouldn’t Stress You

While managing inventory will probably be challenging when moving out of Kenya, there is no need to let them stress you. Just post them on Corido Marketplace and get a suitable buyer at the comfort of your home. Corido Marketplace as the name suggests, is an online platform that connects buyers and sellers conveniently.  

This site lets you sell unwanted products to the right buyers without breaking a sweat. You simply upload the image of your unwanted item, describe it, and quote your desired prices. Potential customers will see your items and you will receive offers with speed and ease. If you get stuck or need help, you can always book a sales representative to help you navigate or complete the sale on your behalf. 

The beauty of this platform is that it provides wide coverage, easy listing, secure transactions, and ease to use. You can access it anywhere anytime and connect with many potential buyers across the country.  

How to Sell Items on Corido Marketplace

Selling items on Corido marketplace should be easier and more fun. Yes, you simply take a good picture of your item and post it or book an agent to sell it on your behalf. To sell your item on Corido Marketplace:

Step 1. Open Corido Marketplace on your browser and register or log in to your account.

Step 2. Click the “Post Item” button at the top-right and upload a clear photo of the item you want to sell. 

Give a detailed description in the respective field and provide other details as prompted on the page.

sell items on corido marketplace post item button

Step 3. When you are satisfied, hit the “Post” button to submit. An internal vetting process will be done on your item. If it passes the test, then it is successfully posted on Corido Marketplace, and you will start receiving offers. 

By selling your item on Corido Marketplace, you are assured of fair pricing. You simply set a competitive price and attract customers who are willing to pay and not exploit you. Additionally, Corido Marketplace fosters responsible recycling.  Instead of dumping our valuable items and polluting the environment, Corido Marketplace lets you find suitable buyers without struggling.

Other Helpful Tips for Moving Out of Kenya

Moving out of Kenya is good news but moving out smoothly demands more effort. Here are some helpful tips for seamlessly moving out of Kenya.

  • Start planning early

The saying “early bad catches the worm” never gets old and is louder if you are planning to move out of Kenya. Time moves faster and you might only realize when the timelines are on your neck. Plan early and prepare everything you need on time. If you are well organized, you will meet the deadlines, and you won’t forget important things about your movement out of Kenya. 

  • Decluttering

You probably have several belongings of different value and usage. Therefore, you need to determine which ones you are going to sell, donate, or keep. Start decluttering them early, when you have time, and find the right buyers.  You should sort out your items and ensure that you remain with the essential and useful items only.

  • Budgeting

Your travel logistics demand money. You need to estimate your costs and determine some practical ways to save money for those purposes. Consider selling your furniture, for example, to increase your financial muscle. You can use a platform like Corido Marketplace to sell your household items to cushion your travel expenses. 

  • Researching transportation options

Transportation is important and can give you a headache if you don’t do proper planning. Perhaps you have bulky or fragile items and you are stuck on what transportation options will suit them. Check flight schedules and routes for easier planning. Additionally, striking a balance between cost and transport options available can be a nightmare too.  

  • Legal considerations

Moving from one country to another requires documentation. You cannot be cleared to leave your country or enter or live in a foreign country without submitting the required documents and successfully passing the relevant screening process. Therefore, make sure your paperwork is for a smooth transition. Ensure also that you have COVID-19 vaccine certification from the Ministry of Health of Kenya and a yellow fever certificate where necessary.

  • Research your Destination Country

When you move into a foreign land, you will probably be greeted by a new culture. Therefore, you should do some research about the culture of your target country. Know the foods they eat, clothing, and social life. This will allow you to adapt and transition with ease.


Corido Marketplace is truly a perfect place to declutter and deal with travel logistics when moving out of Kenya. The ease of use, easy listing, ease of finding the right buyers, wide coverage, and convenience make Corido Marketplace an ultimate choice for many. If you are moving out of Kenya, don’t feel overwhelmed. Just visit Corido Marketplace and declutter your items and you will have a hassle-free moving experience.

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