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How Kenyans Abroad Are Selling Kenyan Belongings Remotely with Ease

How Kenyans Abroad Are Selling Kenyan Belongings Remotely with Ease

Perhaps you got an opportunity to go abroad and you didn’t have time to plan and declutter your belongings. Maybe you are trying to use friends or family members to sell them on your behalf but you have trust issues and the process might take longer. Yes, selling your Kenyan belongings while you are abroad is not a walk in the park.

Fortunately, Corido Marketplace has transformed this space and you can now sell your Kenyan belongings to the right buyer as though you are here in Kenya! Do you want to know how?

This article gives you a simple and practical guide to selling Kenyan belongings remotely while abroad with ease. Let’s get started. 

Selling from Afar: The Struggles of Remote Household Sales

Selling Kenyan belongings remotely  is not an easy undertaking. If you are not careful, you might easily give up, get conned, or sell them way below their value. This is possible because remote household sales have inherent challenges, including:

  • Distance and Communication Issues

Distance and communication are vital ingredients in the success of any sales. The closer you are and the faster and more efficient communication, the easier the sales. If you are abroad, time differences and network constraints make it difficult to communicate effectively. This consequently makes coordination with your parties in Kenya less effective.

  • Potential for Misinterpretation

Selling from afar gives you an easier platform for third parties to deliberately or unknowingly misinterpret the condition or value of your household items. Remember, you are dealing with parties that also have their own interests. They can be easily tempted to be insincere in describing the quality, state, value, and condition of your goods to suit their interests. 

  • Security Risks

When you are arranging for an inspection of your household items and transportation, you can easily lose valuable items in your house. Someone can identify and pick up valuable items alongside your household goods because they know you are not around. Also, your representatives can liaise and steal your items. You may realize this when it is too late and only count losses. 

How Remote Selling is Aiding Kenyans Abroad to Sell Their Belongings

Fortunately, the concept of remote selling has come to the rescue and you can now sell your household items as though you are doing it physically. With remote selling, you use an online selling platform to find a suitable buyer for your goods. This makes it extremely easier if you are in the diaspora because you can sell your goods without the need to come back and do it physically.

Additionally, you don’t need a third party because you can talk directly and close business with the buyer.  While this concept is fast, convenient, and saves time, you need the right remote selling platform. Otherwise, you can sell your items on a fake site or get defrauded and lose your precious household items.  

 Selling Kenyan Belongings Remotely On Corido Marketplace

Corido Marketplace is an online platform that connects sellers with buyers with ease in Kenya.  Corido is your trusted partner in remote household sales because you only post your household items and wait for potential buyers to contact you. The platform is designed with simplicity and you can navigate irrespective of your IT skills. 

Unlike many other platforms, Corido Marketplace is safe and secure. The site has the latest security features to protect you from fraud. Furthermore, you can always book a sales agent or customer service agent for assistance when stuck. While a customer care agent will help you if you are stuck, a sales agent will do the sales on your behalf. So you just sit back and wait for your money!

The beauty of Corido Marketplace is that you are working with a professional and experienced team. This team has been in the market for a long and understands the market inside and out. Again, Corido Marketplace connects you to many potential buyers because of its wide reach.   Even if you are abroad, you can seamlessly sell your household items as though you are in Kenya. 

How Corido Marketplace Works 

Corido Marketplace is a simple yet effective remote-selling platform. Here, you simply post your item and wait for internal evaluation to display it on the site. You will then receive offers from potential customers. You can decide to post it yourself or book an agent to sell it on your behalf. The following steps show how to sell your household item in the diaspora on Corido Marketplace.

Step 1. Using your browser, navigate to Corido Marketplace and log in. If you don’t have an account, click the “Register” button to create one. Once logged in, click the “Post Item” button.

sell items on corido marketplace post item button


Step 2. On the next page, fill in the product description details and upload the product image. Make sure the description details and image are clear.

Step 3. Once satisfied, click “Post” and wait for an internal evaluation before your product is posted. 

When your product is posted, you will start receiving offers from potential customers.

The High Cost of Storage: A Hidden Drain

One big mistake people make when they are going abroad is to store their goods in a storage facility. This makes sense when you need better security and space in your house for other occupants. However, the high cost of storage can drain your finances and make the whole idea economically unwise. 

Yes, before deciding to store your belongings in a storage facility, keep in mind the high cost of storage. Initially, the storage cost may look insignificant, but with time, the cumulative cost drains your finances and ignites personal regrets. 

Even if you own the storage facility, these items might pile up and significantly depreciate in value. Additionally, you could be keeping many items, and you are not sure whether you really need them or can put them to good use. Therefore, storage options require proper planning and foresight.


Selling your Kenyan belongings while you are away should not worry you anymore. Corido Marketplace has made everything easier, and you can now sell them anywhere, anytime, as if you are in Kenya. Corido Marketplace is an easy-to-use platform and is designed to connect you with the right buyers with speed and ease. Contact us via 0794858010 or email us at [email protected] for remote selling of your household items in Kenya!

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