Are you looking for a place to buy second hand furniture in Nairobi Kenya? Used furnitures should not be underrated since you can get good quality on online stores.

Are you looking for a place to buy second-hand furniture in Nairobi? Are you fresh from college, working under a strict budget? Or, rather are you that person who wants to be independent and thirsty to just start with anything? Are you so keen on interior design that you’d like to source unique and cheap household items around your neighbourhood? This article has been written specifically for you.

Where to start

In order to buy second-hand furniture, first and foremost, you need to be very clear with what budget you are going to work with and what specific furniture want to purchase. You can easily split your list into three:

  1. Urgent or Must-have Items. These are items which would be considered to be of the highest importance as far as household items are concerned. For instance the, fridge, cooker, TV, bed etc.
  2. Recommended Items. There are items in a home that makes your life easier and enjoyable. Mostly, they are items which you can live without them. Things like washing machine, home theatre, carpet, microwave, oven, bookshelf, kids’ bike, study desk, king size bed and the orthopedic mattress just to name a few.
  3. Leisure List or Additional Items. Basically, every home needs a little bit of a facelift. And therefore, some items within a home would make a huge difference in appearance, design and extra activities. They include flower pots, bedside and toilet carpets, golfing sets, gym equipment etc.

Buying Household Items in Nairobi

Now that you’ve come up with the list, and you’ve already budgeted. It’s time to shop around for the items that match your preference. But remember to stick strictly to the list and the budget you created. You may consider the option of working with brand new items, second-hand items or both. For as long as the items are within your “means” then you’re good to go.

Now, the special lot of readers that this article has targeted are those who can buy and use second-hand furniture. Therefore the list below highlights some of the places you can shop for quality items.

  • Auction yards.
  • Pawnshop or second-hand stores;
  • Flea markets
  • Online platforms such as or

There are many other options not mentioned here, which we will highlight in our upcoming articles. Don’t forget to subscribe for notification once ready. Let me also introduce to you what Corido as a brand has been focusing over the years that you might find useful.

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Who is Corido Marketplace?

Corido Marketplace is Kenya’s leading online auction marketplace providing corporate firms and homeowners disposal solutions for office and household items effectively.

How Is Corido Different?

Just to mention a few advantages Corido has over its competitors are as follows:

  1. Security. Buyers have had challenges in doing business online due to an increased number of threats, cyber-attacks and misinformation. What Corido is doing differently is assigning a dedicated and very reliable team to each of its clients.  Their main task is to manage the sale process and the exchange of goods between the buyer and the seller.
  2. After-sale services. The company also provides door-to-door delivery service and customer support to its clients.
  3. Verification services. Each and every item posted on Corido website for sale are thoroughly and physically verified by Corido agents. However, all vendors who are authorized to manage the platform or provide any service to their customers are well trained by the company.
  4. Valuation services. If not all, a good number of homeowners have difficulty in pricing the items they want to sell. Corido would help in providing updated information on the current market trends and costings of each item at no cost.
  5. Account management and customer service. It can be tiresome or rather challenging to be managing and update your sales orders, product information and online portfolio at the same time. The good thing is that the company can now handle all these activities on the client’s behalf.
  6. Inventory sorting. One of the hardest tasks about disposing of is for anyone to sort out their unwanted or unused items in any storage facility. Such tasks would require a lot of time and manpower to pull them through.
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How to Sell or Buy Second-hand Furniture From Corido

The steps are easy for anyone to do by themselves. Users can use the platform as a buyer, a seller, a bidder for auctions, or giveaways. 

1. DIY Service:

With DIY service, a user would basically access or use the platform as self-service. Opening of the account, taking of pictures, posting, customer service and delivery if need be.

2.  Agency Service

With the agency service, all services are offered to you at a 10% commission after the sale. This means that you are not entitled to paying anything upfront, till after the order has matured and been paid for. The main agency services include:

  • Account Management
  • Product valuation
  • Customer service and call management
  • Delivery
  • Customer after-sale service and support

How to Sell On Corido

For first-timers, it’s easy to

  • Go through the Get Started page for more information and pick your preferred options.
  • To create an account, visit the registration page and fill in the required details.
  • Upon creation of the account, add a valid phone number and verify the account from a link sent to your email address.
  • Start posting all your stuff on the platform. Remember, the images of your items need to be of good quality, detailed description and priced well.
  • Finally, once you have finished posting and submitted your Ad, Corido administrator will review and approve for it to appear online.

How to buy second-hand furniture in Corido

Buyers have the privilege of viewing and accessing all the information about the products without the need to create an account. However, the contacts available on the site belongs to the owner or the agent managing the sale. Making it easy for an interested buyer to reach out to the agent for further arrangements and inquiries.

The Contact

Corido company offices are located at Kilimani, Nairobi, Kenya. For inquires and other information, you can reach out directly on 0794858010 or via email [email protected]