If you’re shopping for a refrigerator, you may find that a used refrigerator will meet your needs. Used refrigerators can offer apparent advantages in terms of cost savings, but it is essential to consider a few issues before making your purchase

6 Facts to consider before buying a used refrigerator in Kenya

The following guide will help you understand what steps you should follow when looking for a used refrigerator in Kenya and ensure that your money is well spent.

2nd hand fridge for sale
2nd hand fridge for sale
  • Dimension: First, measure the dimensions of the space where your refrigerator will go. This is important when buying any refrigerator, new or used, but you must be especially vigilant when buying a used appliance as you may not be able to return it if it doesn’t fit.
  • Fridge Seal: Ensure the refrigerator and freezer doors have a correct seal—a door that leaks air will gobble up energy dollars. An easy way to test for air leakage is to close the door on a piece of paper; when you attempt to pull out the page, you should feel some resistance. A poor seal could signify a lousy gasket around the door’s perimeter or hinges that need to be adjusted.
  • Door Opening Direction: Another factor to consider is the direction the door of the fridge opens. While most modern-day refrigerators offer doors affixed on either side of the appliance, some older models do not offer this option. If the door swings in the wrong direction for your kitchen but you like the refrigerator, check whether a technician or the seller can reverse the door.
  • Condition: Look carefully inside the refrigerator and freezer to ensure all shelves and drawers are included and in good repair. Check the light switches and control knobs for proper function. Check the temperature settings to ensure they reach and maintain the desired cooling temperatures; do this in the store, if possible.
  • The tidiness of the parts: Inspect the drip pan behind the bottom grille and the condenser coils behind the back covering (sometimes these are on the bottom of the appliance). Damage or excessive dirt could be a bad sign, suggesting that the previous owner did not clean nor take care of the appliance correctly or that the motor may have endured undue strain.
  • The duration of usage: As a final consideration, consider that no matter how well the seller maintained a used appliance, any used refrigerator more than ten years old will most likely not be as energy-efficient as a model you could purchase new today. Be sure that the immediate savings in the upfront cost of the appliance are worth the higher energy bills you may pay year after year.

You’ve probably heard the adage, “buyer beware.” But if you know what to look for when shopping around and keep an eye out for these potential pitfalls in your search, buying a used refrigerator can be both intelligent and safe. Call our team of experts with any questions or concerns about the different options available to buy refrigerators from us today! We want to make sure that every customer who reaches out feels confident in their purchase decision before they commit to buying freezers and fridges. This way, we all win by getting rid of wasted food unnecessarily because someone didn’t have all the information needed at hand before making their purchase.

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What is the price of A second-hand fridge?

The price of a second-hand fridge in Kenya is determined by several factors. Which includes the condition of the fridge, the size of the fridge, the brand, and the current market price for the secondhand fridge.
When shopping around, be aware that prices vary by make as certain brands may cost less while others could fetch higher bids depending upon their age/condition.

Which is the best fridge brand in Kenya?

The best refrigerators brands are Samsung, LG, and Panasonic. They’re reliable, and durable, and have great features that meet all your needs.

Where can I buy a used refrigerator for a good price in Kenya?

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