We are a reputable organization specialized in helping home owners in Kenya to sell or dispose their household items reliably, securely and fast. Selling or disposing of a used home and office furniture is one of the biggest challenges most people face in Nairobi.  Corido Marketplace has put a system in place to help you sell with ease. The website is the only reliable platform in the region for any seller with basic computer skills to sell their items or match up with an interested buyer online easily.
Corido Marketplace Platform for selling used furniture in Nairobi
Corido Marketplace Home Page for selling used household items in Kenya

Why Corido Marketplace Platform?

The platform is 100% compatible with any mobile phone that connects to the internet. One can use their phone browser to access the website to view available deals. Here is another amazing article with details and steps on how to use your phone to shop on Corido platform.

Post Your Household Item For Sale

Sell like a pro. Many home owners are using Corido tools for sell easily and faster. Post Ads For Sale

What Options Do Furniture Sellers Have?

A second-hand furniture seller has two options to choose from on Corido website:
  1. Corido DIY– This Do-It-Yourself option is easy and gives the sellers a chance to market the items by themselves. He or she can easily create an account, post an Ad and wait for calls from reliable clients to make contact. This option Is completely free. One needs to have very clear pictures and more details about the items on sale in order to meet the platforms’ set standards.
  2. Corido Agency – The company has a dedicated agency service where well-trained professionals provide a 360 degrees solution to its clients. With this service, the agents handle everything on behalf of a seller, including photography, inventory taking, valuation, marketing, sales management and delivery. The agency charges 10% right after the completion of a sale.
A seller books an agent by contacting Corido office via the email on [email protected] or direct contact to 0794858010.

Other Furniture Selling Options

There are other options available for selling your furniture other than using Corido platform or services. These other options include:
  • Social media groups.
  • WhatsApp groups
  • Family and friends
  • Open market (e.g. flea market)
  • Auctioneers
  • Yard sale
  • Other online classified platforms such as Jiji, Jumia, pigiame etc.

Caution On Other Furniture Selling Options

Please note that with the use of some of the above-mentioned options requires you to be cautious about your security and privacy. Some options require you to be physically involved on the tedious disposal process, which is time consuming. Pricing of your items is also another factor to consider. Most sellers do not have any experience in selling anything second hand in their homes.