If I told you that buying a new TV is way easier than buying a used TV, would you believe it? Since you’ve already decided to buy an old model, this blog post will help you through it by telling you everything you should look for when buying a used TV set.

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With advances in technology, consumers are spoiled for choice since they have so many options at their disposal. From cathode-ray to plasma, LCD, and LED, TV sets have significantly evolved.

Watching TV is not just something you do; it is an experience in its own right, an experience you need to enjoy. Choosing the best deal isn’t easy, but it requires a lot of thought.

As you are buying a used TV, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. When you buy a new TV, a warranty takes care of all these things, but you need to be extra careful with a secondhand TV unit. 

To make your task easier, ask these questions to clear all your doubts before buying a used TV.

Why is the Seller Selling it?

Before you consider buying a secondhand TV, there are some questions you need to find the answer to make a substantive conclusion. Why is the TV in a secondhand store? Did its owner put it up for sale because it broke down, or was it because the picture wasn’t clear enough? Is he selling the TV unit because he got bored and bought a new one for himself?

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Is the Price of the Used Tv Justified?

Before you consider other technicalities of buying a used TV, you must answer the following:

  1. Why is the TV in a secondhand store?
  2. Did its owner put it there because it broke down or because it is a flawed electronic piece? If you see a TV on sale because the owner found a defect and amended it, it might resurface later. It would be best if you stayed away from such TV sets.
  3. Did he sell it because the picture wasn’t good enough?
  4. Or is it because he was bored with it and bought a new one for himself?

Make sure you know why the TV is on sale before you consider buying it.

Is the TV Price Justified?

A secondhand TV set’s price depends on several factors, like the time gap between its buying and selling date, the presence or absence of special features, the model and brand of the TV, etc.

For example, a TV that was used for a year and put up for sale will be expensive compared to one that has been in use for more than five years. A plasma TV will also be cheaper than an LED, and so forth.

After you make your choices based on your preferences, check whether it is worth the sacrifice and the value for your money are in consideration.

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Does it Fit Your Budget?

Sure, prices have skyrocketed, and not every set is in your price range. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great deal. There’s a variety of secondhand tv options available to suit your needs.

Do your research, shop around for the perfect TV option, and stay within your price range. You can likewise go for an alternative secondhand tv brand.

Is the Picture Quality Of the TV Set Clear Enough?

Once you’ve decided on the model, the brand, and the TV price, start testing different tv capabilities or features. Getting a clear picture is a fundamental necessity and shouldn’t be compromised. If you’re buying an LCD or LED TV, check for factors like contrast, motion video, HD compatibility, resolution, and color/video quality. Some used TVs have screens that develop a picture with spots all over them. Of course, you should steer clear of such TVs units.

Are There Any Loose Connections?

Modern televisions have a way of connecting to several external devices. If the previous owner has used the various ports extensively, there is a chance they might have worn out and cannot be in use again. To maintain optimal picture quality, make sure any cables are tightly secured, and connections are in good condition.

Does it Support the Accessories You Already Have?

Many television sets that come with modern technology and cutting-edge features have support for additional characteristics and devices. If you already have DVD players, video games, external speakers, or set-top boxes, make sure the used TV unit is not very old and supports these external devices. Buying an incompatible TV set would be a waste of resources.

Does it Meet All Your Requirements?

Are you planning to create a home theater? Do you want to have an entertainment unit in your bar? Will you place the TV in the bedroom? Or are you purchasing it for gaming purposes?

Based on all this information, narrow in on your options and decide which TV unit suits your requirements the best. A TV unit for the bedroom works with low sound levels, while the one you need for your home theater should have a good quality sound with surround sound effects.


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Does it Sound Right?

The audio is as important as the video. Gone are the days when silent movies were the thing. It wouldn’t be any fun to watch a basketball match without listening to the thunderous applause of the audience or rather to watch movies without hearing the sound effects. Make sure the speakers are in good condition as well, while the audio quality should not be bad.

Is the Size OK?

If you want to make the most out of your TV set, you should buy one that will fit on the wall you intend to hang it on.

If you are buying a television for your home, make sure that the room you are placing it in is large enough.

Moreover, if you have enough room to place the TV, getting a small screen with low-level volumes and less-defined viewing angles won’t help.

What is the Difference in the Price?

You might have your reasons for buying a used TV set, but before you make the final call, don’t forget to inquire about a new piece as well.

If there is not much difference in the price, you could add more extra cash and get yourself a new one.

An Electronic appliance is a one-time investment and can be in use for a comparatively long term. Still, it is for you to decide and make that purchase. The benefits of a new set over a used one are peace of mind, warranty, and choice.

Contrary to that, I can also share viable reasons and advantages for why you should go for a used TV rather than buy a new one.

When you sit down on the couch in front of your new-cum-old TV set after a hectic working day, you should enjoy watching TV. It should be a treat for your eyes and senses.

Don’t let blurred or distorted images or broken sounds ruin your experience. Look for the points mentioned earlier and buy the TV set only once you are satisfied it is a good deal.

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What to remember

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Feel free to express your views in the comment section below.