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Vintage Chair 20 Pcs

Category: Furniture
Category: Outdoor
Location: Nairobi
Status: Used

Are you in need of a vintage chair that is unique and very easy to maintain?

This vintage chair comes with a very strong metal frame that makes the design look very unique. The metal frame, typically crafted from materials like steel or iron, features an enduring construction, ensuring long-lasting stability. The frame may showcase sleek lines and elegant curves.

Since the seats have been slightly in use for close to six months now, their prices in Kenya are very competitive hence making it your ideal kind of outdoor seat. The owner is selling the seats since the business he ventured into does not require single seats, instead, benches will match his requirements perfectly.

The chair’s backrest and seating area are made of high-quality plastic, which adds a touch of beauty to the overall design. The plastic components are often molded to provide ergonomic support and enhance sitting comfort. The color of the plastic backrest and seating area are also complementing the design of these seats. It is also very easy to detach the plastic seating areas and backrest of the seat and clean them separately.

This vintage chair captures the essence of mid-century or retro design, combining the strength and durability of metal frames with the lightweight and versatile nature of plastic. Its distinctive blend of materials creates a stylish and functional seating option that can complement various interior styles, from minimalist and modern to eclectic and vintage-inspired spaces.

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Status: Used
Mode Of Payment: Pay On Pickup
Agent Kevin
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Amboseli Rd, Nairobi, Kenya
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Lavington, Nairobi, Kenya
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