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5 by 6 Divan Bed & Mattress


Are you in search of a 5 by 6 divan bed & mattress within Nairobi?

Well, this is a gently used 5 by 6 divan bed complete with its accompanying mattress. It also has a competitive price in Kenya considering that it is a pre-owned piece.

This standard double-sized divan bed and mattress set offers a comfortable sleeping solution for your bedroom. The 5ft by 6ft dimensions make it a perfect fit for most bedrooms, providing ample space for a restful night’s sleep.

The divan bed comes with its own sturdy base, ensuring stability and support throughout the night. The mattress, which is of medium-firm comfort, offers the perfect balance between softness and firmness for a comfortable sleep experience.

This divan bed and mattress set has been lightly used and meticulously cared for, guaranteeing its quality and durability. Due to the owner’s upcoming relocation abroad, this gently used 5 by 6 divan bed and mattress set is available for purchase.

This standard double-sized bed set presents an excellent opportunity to acquire a comfortable sleeping solution at a discounted price. The owner’s impending international travel necessitates the sale, making this divan bed and mattress an enticing option for anyone in need of a quality sleep setup.

Importance of having this bed in your bedroom

  • Space Efficiency: The 5 by 6 dimensions of the bed make it a standard double size, providing ample space for one or two individuals without occupying an excessive amount of floor space in your bedroom.
  • Durability: Despite being slightly used, this bed and mattress set has been well-maintained, guaranteeing its quality and durability. You can expect it to withstand regular use and provide long-lasting comfort.
  • Comfortable Sleep: The mattress, with its medium-firm comfort level, offers optimal support and cushioning for a restful night’s sleep. The divan bed’s sturdy base ensures stability and enhances overall sleeping comfort.
  • Cost Savings: As the owner is selling the bed before traveling abroad, you have the opportunity to acquire a high-quality bed at a discounted price compared to purchasing a brand-new set. This can save you money while still enjoying a comfortable sleeping arrangement.
  • Convenient Setup: The divan bed comes with its own base, eliminating the need for a separate bed frame or additional assembly. This makes it easy to set up in your bedroom without much hassle.
  • Versatility: The divan bed’s design allows for compatibility with various bedroom decor styles. Whether your room has a modern, contemporary, or traditional theme, this bed and mattress set can seamlessly blend in with the existing aesthetic.
  • Reliability: Knowing that the bed has been slightly used and well-maintained by the previous owner provides reassurance about its quality and performance. You can have confidence in the bed’s ability to provide a comfortable and reliable sleep surface.
  • Value for Money: By buying a used bed and mattress, you can often acquire a product that offers excellent value for money. While the items may have been previously owned, they can still provide the same level of comfort and functionality as a new bed and mattress.
  • Environmental Considerations: Opting for a used bed and mattress helps reduce waste and supports sustainable practices. By extending the lifespan of these items through secondhand purchases, you contribute to minimizing environmental impact and promoting the reuse of resources.
  • Immediate Availability: Unlike ordering a new bed and mattress, purchasing a used set allows for immediate availability. You can find a suitable option nearby, making it convenient and saving you from potential delivery delays.
  • Reliability and Known Performance: If the bed and mattress have been used for some time, you have the advantage of knowing their performance and durability. With a used item, you can assess its condition and make an informed decision based on its history.

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