Corido stocks all kinds of second-hand beds for kids, from fabric beds to wooden beds to metallic beds with different materials and finishes.

These are metallic or wooden beds that have already been used in homes, hotels, campsites, lodges, furnished apartments, hospitals, etc. Selling second-hand beds in Kenya has been on the increase over the years targeting mid to low-income families. There are categorized into kids and adult beds.

Most of these beds are being disposed of or sold by expatriates for the following reasons:

  • Home-owners leaving the country for overseas
  • Changing their old used beds for new ones,
  • Some come from big hotels and lodges

In most cases, these second-hand beds are sold together with the mattress as a package. Making it easier for an acquirer to benefit from the quality and the good maintenance state.

Uses of Second-Hand Beds in Kenya.

Here is a list of uses, to mention a few:

  • Mostly used domestically for home bedding.
  • Some use props in the photography and film industry.
  • Used for recycling to make new mattresses.
  • Others recycle the beds’ word timber, upholstery, woodwork, and fittings.

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Types of beds for sale

  1. Ottoman Beds. This type features large under-bed compartments that offer practical storage spaces without sacrificing their design and style. They are suitable for small bedrooms or where there is a limitation in storage.
  2. Divan Beds are stylish storage solutions ideal for clients looking for extra storage space. The under-bed drawers for Divan beds maximize floor space recommended for busy homes or small bedrooms.
  3. Kids’ beds are the smallest size of all.
  4. Day beds are space-saving solutions or options for furnished homes, small bedrooms, guest rooms, home offices. Their dual feature or functionality offers a seating area and a bed.
  5. Bunk Beds provides the best solution for saving space in a small and shared bedroom. They are categories into 3 or more, including wooden bunk beds, metal bunk beds, and fabric bunk beds.
  6. Other beds include storage beds, sofa beds, air beds, tv & tech beds, etc.
Standard Beds sizes and Mattress sizes

Standard Beds sizes and Mattress sizes

The size of a bed is always determined or referred to by the size of a mattress. In Kenya, the most known sizes are 3ft x 6ft, 3.5ft x 6ft, 4ft x 6ft, 5ft x 6ft and 6ft x 6ft. But here are the standard bed or mattress specifications according to their sizes.

  • 3’0 Single bed measures W 90 cm x L 190 cm (3ft 6.2ft). Suitable for people sleeping alone, for kids, and guest rooms
  • 3’6 Twin Beds measures 110cm x 190cm (3.6ft x 6’2ft) or 4’0 Twin measures 120cm x 190cm (4.0ft x 6’2ft). Suitable for kids, for sleeping alone, and for guest rooms as well.
  • 0 Small Double beds measure W 122 cm x L 190 cm (4ft x 6.2ft). Suitable for one person or can be shared amongst the persons in small rooms.
  • 4’4 Double beds measures W 135 cm x L 190cm (4’4ft x 6.2ft), suitable for couples or two persons sharing
  • 5’0 Queen Size beds measures W 150 cm x L 190 cm (5ft x 6.2ft)
  • 0 king-size beds measures W180 cm x 200 cm (6ftx6.5ft), suitable for large bedrooms and couples.
  • 6’5 Super King-size beds measure 200 cm x 200 cm (6.5ft x6’5ft). Suitable for extra-large spacious bedrooms and partners or couples use.

Kids’ Second-Hand Beds and Mattresses For Sale

Finding unique furniture in Kenya has been on trend recently. Young mothers have always been looking for stylizing fittings for their homes and newborns. Making Corido platform be their one-stop shop for used kids’ beds, mattresses, and bedding.

Kids have varieties of beds differentiated with sizes. They include

  1. Cot bed or baby cot is approximately 60 cm x 120 cm in size for kids below 4 years.
  2. Toddler beds for kids who have outgrown baby cots, but they aren’t ready for single beds. Measures approximately 70cm in width by 140cm in length used for kids between the ages of 4-5 years.
  3. Single beds are popular in size and suitable for children aging 4 years and above. This includes bunk beds, high sleepers, and mid sleepers. The sizes of mattresses are around 90 cm x 190 cm, while others would measure 90 cm x 200 cm. Suitable for older kids and teens.
  4. Double beds would last your child to adulthood, whose mattress measure 135 cm x 190 cm in size.

Things to consider when buying used beds for kids.

Corido stocks all kinds of second-hand beds for kids. That includes fabric beds, wooden beds, and metallic beds with different materials and finishes.

More so, parents should consider buying beds fitted with barriers or ladders for an extra foot. Smoothening the edges and lower heights would also prevent unnecessary injuries.

Selling of Second-Hand Beds and Mattresses in Nairobi

Corido has been on the fourth front in assisting homeowners in major cities disposing of their furniture using the platform. These cities include Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa, Kisumu, Thika, Eldoret, etc. Furthermore, one can be assisted in finding quality beds for purchase at fair prices.

For further help, make good use of the Corido agency in helping you sell your used beds and mattresses faster. For interested buyers, head over to the furniture, bed section and pick your preferred option for your sweet home.

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