Some washing machines offer more choices, such as washing underwear on its own, while others do not encourage you to be luxurious.


Someone made an inquiry about washing machines a while ago. But I still get emailed, and asked to post this article I made a while back, for whatever reason. So, let me re-post it:

Here are the 5 Top Tips

  • If you have a tiny family, get one with lower Kilograms. But if you feel up the laundry basket daily get the biggest load. For bigger loads, the nice thing is that they can wash things like duvets, the little ones just wash little clothes like panties & bra (lightweight).
  • Get a machine with a metallic drum. The drum is a circular basin-like thing inside the unit that still shines as you peep through the round the opening. Plastic drums are not very durable, if you want a machine that will last ages.
  • Top loader washing machines are cheaper to buy but consume more water and energy since they fill the whole drum before spinning. Front loaders are more expensive but require less water and tend to dry clothes better. Although each design has its own advantages over the other in one way or the other. It also depends with the places you are going to fix and the space.
  • Check if the washing machine can be self-serviced to clear the dirt that is trapped in its outlets or require a competent serviceman every 6 months, which would be an expense to you.
  • Some washing machines offer more choices, such as washing underwear on its own, while others do not encourage you to be luxurious. Some even offer the option of Pre-Soak to help with your tough stains.

Best Washing Machine in Kenya

  • Bosch Washing Machines
  • LG Washing Machines
  • Samsung Washing Machines
  • Hotpoint Washing Machines
  • Armco Washing Machines
  • Whirlpool Washing Machines
  • Binatone Washing Machines
  • Mika Washing Machines

Best Places to Buy Brand New Washing Machines

  • Carefour Supermarket
  • Naivas Supermarket
  • The Hub in Karen
  • Hotpoint Office In Westlands and Garden City
  • Samsung Distributers in Westlands and CBD

Best Place To Buy Secondhand Washing Machines

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  • If you don’t have running water, just pray to God for blessings as you continue using the buckets to wash. Or get a semi-automatic washing machine, which will still mean adding water every now and then.
  • If your laundry space is small get a top loader. Frontal ones need space, not just for the machine but also an allowance for the door to open during loading and unloading.
  • If you have a back problem don’t even think of the front loader.
  • To wash your rubbers or white sneakers, wrap them inside a net before tossing them into the washing machine.