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Unique White Lamp & Lampshade


Light up your room with this fantastic lamp & lampshade!

The lamp and lampshade combination, which has been used for less than three months, is an exceptionally unique and rare find in the market. Comprising a light fixture, such as a desk light, table lamp, floor lamp, ceiling light, pendant light, chandelier, sconce, or task light, paired with an equally unique and exclusive lampshade, this ensemble exudes unparalleled charm and sophistication.

Lamp & Lampshade

The lamp itself, be it a desk light, table lamp, or any other variant, showcases exceptional craftsmanship and design. Its construction may feature high-quality materials, intricate detailing, and innovative features that set it apart from common mass-produced lamps. The usage duration of fewer than three months ensures that the lamp is in pristine condition, with all its functionalities intact.

Lamp & Lampshade

Accompanying this remarkable lamp is an equally rare and captivating lampshade. Its design, materials, or both, make it a truly distinctive piece that is hard to find in mainstream markets. The lampshade’s uniqueness adds an element of exclusivity to the overall ensemble, elevating the ambiance and visual appeal of any space it illuminates.

Despite its short period of use, the lamp and lampshade maintain their original allure, showcasing their exceptional quality and design. This rarity and limited usage time contribute to the ensemble’s overall value and desirability, making it a remarkable find for those seeking a lighting fixture that is both functional and an expression of individuality.

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Usage: < 6 Months
Pay On Pickup
Colour: White

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