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Selling this pre-used OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR MACHINE at affordable price

An oxygen concentrator is a medical device used to deliver concentrated oxygen to individuals who require supplemental oxygen due to low oxygen levels in their blood.

How It Works
Air Intake;The concentrator takes in ambient air from the surrounding environment.
Filtering: The air passes through filters to remove dust, bacteria, and other particulates.
Nitrogen Removal:The compressed air passes through a series of sieve beds or molecular sieves that selectively remove nitrogen, allowing oxygen to pass through.

The Compressor compresses the ambient air to ensure efficient nitrogen removal.
It’s Sieve Beds contain a material like Zeolite, which absorbs nitrogen from the air.
Has Oxygen Reservoir that stores the concentrated oxygen before it is delivered.
The Flow Meter allows the adjustment of the flow rate of the oxygen being delivered.
Has pre-filters and bacterial filters to clean the incoming air and prevent contamination.
Control Panel: Includes settings for oxygen concentration, flow rate, and indicators for maintenance needs.
Humidifier Bottle: Optional, adds moisture to the oxygen to prevent dryness in the patient’s airways.

Oxygen concentrators are used in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, and at home, for patients with conditions such as COPD, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and other respiratory disorders.

Less expensive over time compared to traditional oxygen tanks.
Provides a continuous supply of oxygen as long as it has power.

Regular maintenance includes cleaning filters, checking the compressor, and replacing sieve beds as needed to ensure optimal performance.

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