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New Beko GE 15120DX Cooker


This Beko GE 15120DX Cooker   is  a state of the art which  features a sleek stainless steel design and a wide range of functions to make cooking  fun. With its five  gas burners   you can cook up anything from a quick stir fry to roasting, the fan assisted oven with 7 functions gives you the flexibility to cook any dish to your satisfaction.

Beko GE 15120DX Cooker specs:

  • Stainless steel design: This cooker is built to last, with a sleek stainless steel finish that will look great in any kitchen.
  • 5 gas burners : With a total of 5 burners, you have plenty of space to cook multiple dishes at once.
  • Fan assisted oven with 7 functions: The fan assisted oven ensures that your food cooks evenly, while the 7 different functions give you the flexibility to cook anything from a cake to nyama choma.
  • Halogen oven light: The halogen oven light makes it easy to see what you’re cooking, even when the door is closed.
  • Gas safety devices: All 5 burners have gas safety devices that will automatically shut off the gas if a flame goes out, preventing any accidents.
  • Cast iron pan supports: The cast iron pan supports are durable and can withstand high heat, making them perfect for heavy-duty cooking.

Beko GE 15120DX Cooker

This is the perfect cooker for any home. It’s stylish, versatile, and easy to use. So what are you waiting for? Grab this one in a life’s time deal.

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