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Buy, Sell or Rent Anything.

With Corido Marketplace, you can easily sell stuff you no longer need or buy things for your home, or rather rent for a long or short term use. You’ll always find the best prices and deals with us.

No hidden charges. No upfront payment. No credit card required

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Get Rid of What You Don't Need.

With Corido, you can sell or rent your unused household and office assets, access to other home solutions, and more. We make it easy to declutter your home and earn some quick cash when you need it.

1# DIY Service

Sell it without lifting a finger.

With Corido DIY service, you can sell many items within a short time by doing it yourself. DIY is a self-service, where you manage the sale of your items by yourself. You simply create an account and post your items on the platform for free, as you wait for the prospect to contact you.

Buy &Amp; Sell
Buy &Amp; Sell Ii

2# Agency Service

De-clutter and make some quick cash.

Stop wasting time trying to sell your old stuff and let us take care of it for you. With an agent assigned to your account, we’ll help you take inventory, list, market, and sell your unwanted goods on our platform on your behalf with no hassle. The service attracts a commission of 10% after sale.

3# Buy Off Option

Make some quick cash.

We buy items off of you that we can resell for a profit and make it easy for you to get rid of unwanted junk. The Corido Marketplace is the perfect place for you when you need to declutter & make some quick cash.

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