You people are valuable, and your desires too. We love delivering all household equipment at very reasonable prices on a single platform. Many people have things that are unwanted for them but a keen desire for many others. One person wants to purchase, and a few want to sell. Now, you don’t have to go elsewhere because we are providing our clients with the ease of getting their desired equipment at a single click without hurting their self-respect.

  Stop asking others to buy their things; there is no need to look desired to find adorable things at simple pricing. Corido is presenting its users with almost new and refreshing household items with the remarkable ease of online visitors to our website. You have to communicate with the product owner and get it at home with the advisement of family. 

                                                “Spend less, Get more.”

 With time, everyone desires to bestow a refreshing look on his living/ lifestyle. Each person requires an up-to-the-minute and energizing lifestyle, but limited resources create hurdles in the way of innovation. Corido is speedily working for people belonging to different statuses. While taking care of their assets and money.

Our website is facilitating you with:

  •  Cars
  •  Textile
  •  Furniture
  •  Electronics
  •  Scrap metals
  •  Expatriate sale
  •  Home and Kitchen appliances
  •  Equipment, machinery, and tools


Corido marketplace is motivated to work on a new scheme that must renew your lifestyle with fewer expenses. You will get rid of your boring living place to overcome all these situations; our strategy is to work on building solid connections with the people of both upper class and ordinary range people. The people who want to sell their unused but fresh equipment for less space or other reasons will be able to sell their equipment through our powerful platform of Corido( buy and sale). And the person having the least resources will ensure his desire to purchase brand-new things without difficulty. 

 Corido’s top priority is to serve our valuable/beloved customers.