One of the most essential pieces of furniture in any room is an accent chair. These chairs provide additional seating, but they also serve as a visual anchor in your living space. Because they are so strategically placed, choosing a chair that complements your home and reflects your style is essential. Here are 7 elements to think about when finding the right accent chair for your home:

What is an accent chair?

An accent seat is a perfect way to add colour and personality to any living space. Accent chairs are typically small, with a more simple design than formal, and they come in a wide range of styles and colours. They’re incredibly versatile and can be moved around the room as needed. They can be used as extra seating when friends or family visit or provide comfortable back support while reading in bed.

Why would you need an accent chair in your home?

Picture this: you’ve got a bright and spacious living room, but the only piece of furniture is your couch. You’d need a place to sit down and relax after a long day at work, but you don’t have any chairs. That’s where accent chairs come in.

Having a stylish accent chair is a great way to mix up the look of your living space without having to buy an entirely new set of furniture. It can also be used as extra seating when you have company over. They come in all classifications of styles and colours, so it’s easy to find the one that matches your home best!

An accent chair is one of the most essential pieces of furniture you can purchase for a living space. This chair provides additional seating, but it’s also a visual anchor in your living space. 

How to acquire the ideal seat for your space

  1. Decide what type of material you want – Your fabric choice will affect how formal or informal the room feels.
  2. Consider the size – If you’re short on space, consider a smaller accent chair, like a loveseat or ottoman.
  3. Choose a colour that resonates with other colours in the room- The colour you choose should be based on the colours already present in your living space.
  4. Make sure that whatever piece you’re buying will work with your other furniture in terms of style
  5. Finding the right site or store to purchase your accent seats
  6. Budget for your accent chairs

Decide what type of material you want.

When choosing an accent chair, the first thing to think about is the type of material you want. The fabric you choose will affect how formal or informal the room feels. For example, silk would make your home more relaxed and comfortable. Velvet is an excellent option if you’re looking for something more formal.

Consider size

If you are short on space, consider a smaller accent chair like a loveseat or ottoman. In tight quarters, it’s challenging to find an accent chair with ample storage options. However, if you’re looking for an armless chair that’s perfect for small spaces, a loveseat will do the trick. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a chair with many storage options, then an ottoman is your best bet. Ottomans come in all classifications of shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find one that matches your space and needs ideally.

Choose a hue that complements other colours in the room. 

When choosing a colour for your accent chair, you should think about the colours in the room. If there are only a few colours in the space, it may not be necessary to match those colours. However, if you have a more colourful home, it may be best to choose an accent chair that matches the other colours in the room.

Finding the right site or store to purchase your accent seats

Finding a store to purchase good-quality seats in Kenya can be challenging. Many online and offline stores offer a variety of accent chairs. However, you should consider other factors when shopping for your next accent chair.

Corido Marketplace, for this case, helps shoppers to find used accent chairs from expatriates and homeowners disposing of them for many reasons, such as:

  • travel reasons
  • scaling down
  • change of taste or upgrade
  • etc

Determine your budget for your accent chairs

The next significant item you need to do is decide what your budget will allow. Living room furniture can be pretty expensive, especially if you’re looking for quality pieces. You may find it beneficial to explore other catalogues or online retailers to get an idea of price ranges.

The 7 Best Accent Chairs of 2022

  1. A leather Armchair is a great place to sit and read your favourite book or watch TV with the family. The leather makes it super comfortable, and the armrests are perfect for resting your arms.
  2. Wood Accent Chair – This chair will give your living room that rustic look you’ve been going for. It’s so easy to match any décor because of its neutral colour!
  3. Fabric Upholstered Chair – Does this chair not scream comfort? It’s the perfect addition to any living room, especially if you have kids or pets who might mess up your furniture!
  4. Faux Leather Accent Chair – The faux leather on this chair makes it durable and easy to keep clean-up in case of spills, drool, and more!
  5. Tufted Velvet Accent Chair – Throw some pillows on the floor next to this velvet beauty and enjoy a cup of coffee from the comfort of your new favourite spot in the house!
  6. Double Slipper Rocker Recliner – If you’re looking for added seating, this could be a good choice for you! It’s big enough for two people and reclines into an extra bed for overnight guests- it’s also great for lazy days when you wish to curl up with a book or relax after work!


The living room section is one of the most common areas in any home, and it’s often the first place guests will look when they walk in. If you want your living room to be a welcoming space for your family and friends, these comfortable chairs are a great place to start. For more options on which seats to choose for your living room, visit Corido’s furniture catalogue for a variety of options to choose from.