What is a moving-out sale?

It’s an act of disposing of your belongings before traveling or moving to a new establishment, e.g., an apartment, an office, or another location. The term “moving-out sale” is widely referred to as garage sale, clearance sale, yard sale, tag sale, etc. This event involves selling household items to a network of family, relatives, friends, co-workers, or any other interested party.

What are the types of moving sales?

Moving-out sales can be categories into two types. They include:

  • Physical clearance – Owners would parade their items on an open or enclosed area for a display to attracts interested buyers. A common example of a physical open-field clearance sale is the garage sale, tag sale, or yard sale.
  • Digital or online moving sale – Owners would list their items for sale on a website as a classified ad or in social media pages for leads.

Although yard sale is not widely exercised in some countries like Kenya, there is a huge change with the invention of online or digital platforms like Corido Marketplace and Jiji Kenya, and Expat.com. Internet penetration and affordable internet connection also played a significant role.

How do you do a moving-out sale in Kenya?

Moving sales can be a daunting task when done on a personal level. First, you’ll decide which way is the best before engaging fully for the results to be seen. One way is to sell the households physically in a garage/yard, or secondly, is to decide to go digital where the items are listed online. Both options have their challenges which we will highlight in another article.

For the yard sale, one has to parade all the items in an open field, price and tag each item, and wait for passersby to identify their interests. This activity is tiresome and requires a lot of human resources.

As for the digital selling option, all you need is to open an account with a recognized online platform, take pictures of each item, price them, and upload them on the site with your active contact details. Any interested person will reach out to you.

For Corido Kenya’s case, an experienced agent is assigned to you specifically to handle all the disposal tasks on your behalf. He will assist in taking the inventory and photos, managing the online account, manage the customers’ sales and inquiries, and finally provide the after-sale service such as delivery and support.

Moving Out Sale
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Who will buy all your stuff in Kenya?

A few individuals, businesses, and companies in Kenya buy used households or business assets in bulk. They include resellers, auctioneers, pawnshop or pawnbrokers, startups, filmmakers, event organizers, and home furnishers.

How to do a moving sale online in Kenya?

First, identify a trusted online platform such as Corido Marketplace. Open an account, take pictures and post for buyers to identify and reach out to you. You can as well request an agent to help with your sale.

What is an expatriate sale?

It is the sale of items belonging to a foreign resident in any given country. The items might include automobiles, household items, office items, pets, houses, etc.

Expat sale also refers to the sale of items for persons moving abroad either for studies or temporary or permanent stay. Here in Kenya, most ex-pats find Corido agency services convenient and reliable due to security, clients’ management, and support. Another platform, such as expat.com, has been in existence for quite some time. However, many find the service to be challenging since they have to manage the sales by themselves.

Moving Out Sale
Moving Out Sale

What’s the difference between a Moving-Out Sale and a Clearance Sale?

A moving-out sale is an exercise carried out by persons disposing of their items for easy movement or closure of an office. These items might not necessarily be junk but rather items that are not of use any time soon.

The clearance sale can touch on deadstock for businesses, uncollected goods, or an outdated inventory. Mostly listed for sale at a discounted price.

In conclusion, it’s best to note that any sale of secondhand or preloved items is primarily affected by time. Good planning will set you ahead of unpleasant surprises and unavoidable losses.

As I had mentioned earlier, finding help to manage your household or business assets through Corido Agency would help a lot. You can get in touch via email: [email protected], or call the office on +254794858010 or +254728704660. You can also share your experiences on the same email or you can comment in our comments section below.