Starting a small-scale part-time business is a great way to earn extra money in Kenya. There are so many business ideas that you can try…

6 Profitable Small-Scale Part-Time Business Ideas

Starting a small-scale part-time business is a great way to earn extra money in Kenya. There are so many business ideas that you can try as a youth without worrying about losing your full- time job.

With the ever-changing dynamics of the modern corporate world, young people are getting wiser. No wonder there has been a phenomenal increase in the number of youths coming up with part-time businesses. Interestingly, some do this even as they try their luck in hunting for white-collar jobs.

Here are 6 Small-scale Business Ideas working wonders

Starting a business in Kenya has never been this easy. We have a comprehensive list of six simple part-time business ideas that young entrepreneurs in Kenyans can try. Fortunately, these businesses require minimal investment. Further, since they’re simple, they are very easy to run.

As a young Kenyan, the ball is squarely in your court!

  1. Electronics Repair Business in Kenya

Electronics business in Kenya essentially deals with trading in the repair of electronics products. This includes dealing with smartphones, television sets, radios, woofers, subwoofers, DVD players, cameras etc.

To get started, you will need an estimated starting capital of roughly Ksh.20,000. Regardless, this amount can increase to Ksh.50,000 if you intend to trade in the repair of sophisticated electronic products. We will break down the cost of opening up a business in our future articles to help you get to understand what you need as requirements to start a business Kenya. In addition to this, finding spares parts of quality old electronics appliances gives hell of a task, therefore platforms like Corido Marketplaces makes it easier for you to search and find other electronics sold for part for your use and replacement of old parts.

This fantastic business idea is ideal for urban dwellers, especially those in major towns like Nakuru, Thika, Kisumu, Mombasa, Nairobi, Eldoret, Kakamega, etc. A town set up is ideal since this small-scale part-time business may not attract regular clients. Thus, an area frequented by middle-income earners is likely to help your business generate meaningful income compared to setting up your business in an area with low-income earners.

Also, ensure your business premises are located in a secure environment that guarantees your products’ safety.

  1. Start a used electronics and appliances business

As we had mentioned earlier about electronics business, selling of household and business appliances such as fridges, cookers, microwave, TVs, washing machines etc. is very lucrative.  As a matter of fact, within the Corido platform, selling of appliances has been in all times high due to demand. Being a new investor for such a venture requires more research, good planning and preparation to ensure that you capture the right niche of clients.

For starters, it’s best you learn to use Corido online tools for your benefit. Bid on good deals, purchase at low cost then sale for profit.

  1. Start a Small on Furniture Business; Buy Bulk Secondhand Furniture for sale

If you are interest lies in the furniture industry, you should know what you need before starting. The furniture business can guarantee you huge profits, especially in Kenya, where the demand for home and office accommodation is rising.

Whenever people locate to a new home, they definitely require a bed to sleep on, chairs and dining tables, wardrobes for their clothes, kitchen cabinets, and other furniture. Similarly, when organizations move to a new office, they usually need new furniture.

Since Kenya boasts a fast-growing economy and a rapidly changing urban population, you can consider investing in such a booming small business.

There’s no need of waiting until you have all the capital to buy the needed furniture. Neither should you worry about getting talented craftsmen to get the job done. All you need to is to sign up to Corido’s newsletter platform for latest update on furniture deals listed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You should also be paying frequent visits on Corido website to check on secondhand home or office furniture sold in bulk at fair prices. This will give you a better start to your furniture business. Setting up a small-scale  yard for display at your nearby market or estate would be the next step to take. 

  1. Start a restoring and reupholstering furniture Business

Restoring or reupholstering furniture is the process of giving an old rusty furniture a new look by replacing worn out parts, paint, textile or fabric etc. Many people prefer repairing their furniture instead of acquiring new ones, making this service to be a good business venture in the current market. Here are simple steps for a good start of restoration as a small-scale part-time business:

  • Secure a working space such as a garage, rented room or even on an open market space
  • Purchase or hire used or new carpentry tools
  • Register your business from eCitizen portal for legal purposes
  • Then find good looking old furniture sold on Corido platform
  • Find and buy unique fabrics from Gikomba market at good prices
  • Give your furniture a new look and sale for greater profit margins.
  1. Find and Listing of Local Businesses for sale for commissions.

Listing of local businesses for sale is the most peculiar business ideas to start in 2020. You don’t need any capital to get started except for the few coins to cater for your movement and probably airtime and food. What you also need to do is to research and identify local clients who wants to sell their businesses such as barbershops, kiosks, car wash, car repair shops, retail shops, boutique, electronics shops, etc. Refer such clients to Corido Business Unit, where they will assist to find a match interested to purchase at a good price while you get compensated on commission based on the amount the business was sold for.

  1. Renting and Leasing of Machinery

The assets and machinery renting venture is a booming business in Kenya. Many companies are now investing in renting of construction and agricultural machinery. The only challenge is getting a reliable company that offers such equipment to rent.

This notwithstanding, Corido Market offers you the best solution for all part-time lending and leasing businesses.

Certainly, Corido Market is one of Kenya’s biggest machine-lending and leasing platform. Corido partners with some of the top leasing companies in Kenya to dispose and rent good quality, surplus second- hand machinery. At Corido, you are guaranteed to get stock assets from leading brands to earn you handsome profits.

Final Thoughts

There are hundreds of thousands of small-scale part-time business ideas in Kenya. And there is no such thing as a small business. You only need to provide good customer service, decide on the best location, and ensure proper bookkeeping to monitor your profits.

Finally, a good understanding of the requirements for starting the business and locating the stalks is always crucial.

Truly, Corido Market offers you a viable one-stop solution for all profitable business ideas in Kenya. You can also find more business ideas from your previous articles for your benefit