Kenya has a lot of storage solutions providers. There are more affordable storage solutions in Kenya than the market demands. Still, Corido might turn out to be the best alternative for you—giving you a more accessible route that would probably be the lasting solution to your exhausting exercise of searching.

But before we dive into the solution, it’s best to understand a few options available in the market and the challenges involved in using the current market storage services in Kenya.

Three Storage Options In Kenya

Self-Storage UnitsSelf-storage units. 

A self-storage unit is a commercial space where people pay to store their belongings. Self-storage or mini-storage can be rented on an hourly, monthly, or yearly basis at many facilities. Such facilities are available for access 24 hours, equipped with security and staff members to attend to you.

Individuals use self-storage units to temporarily overflow unwanted household goods during renovations and personal belongings due to moving abroad or interstate. Businesses can also use self-storage with excess inventory until they decide what products need to dispose to clear out warehouse space for new products.

This service in Kenya is not common. Creating a vast gap for homeowners to search for alternatives. Two known companies that provide self-storage services in Kenya include Storage Central Kenya-located in Mombasa road and Chunga Mali– located in Karen


Warehouses are storage rooms that businesses use. They store goods, products, and equipment in warehouses until they are needed for production or sale. Storage companies also provide warehouse space to retailers who have excess inventory or want to store supplies before putting them up for sale at their stores. 

One major issue with warehousing services is that all these facilities tend to be expensive. Considering the amount of money you need to pay just so that your belongings can stay safe- locked away from prying eyes under lockdown access doors.

There is no guarantee whatsoever on the quality of service offered by staff members entrusted with keeping your things secure within those walls.

Storage Garage

Storage Garage.

Customers can use such facilities to store extra items temporarily, such as seasonal clothing and holiday decorations. Storage units provide an excellent way for homeowners with limited space to maximize their storage area by keeping out-of-season goods in a unit instead of renting a larger home or apartment so that they can accommodate these temporary belongings.

Storage companies also use garages to keep equipment safe. Still, you must know what type of service the company provides before handing over your personal property under their care.

The most common is probably renting out a unit that you can set up at your own property. However, this can cost quite an amount to get started with, and you would need to transport your belongings from one place to another constantly.

Storage units are already available in Kenya, but the demand for them has been relatively low. It is difficult for companies to provide such services as they tend to close down due to a lack of business. This is why Corido exists, giving homeowners a more leisurely route that would probably be the lasting solution to their exhausting.

Six Common Challenges of Using Storage Solutions In Kenya

It is too costly.

Storage facilities tend to be very expensive, making it difficult for anyone who needs a temporary storage solution. Storage companies charge by the size or weight of any belongings you want to keep with them, making it more cumbersome and inconvenient. Sometimes, not all items can fit into one container, which means they end up paying more than initially intended bargained.

No guarantee on quality service

Storage units are generally supposed to provide safety from theft or damage. Still, there is no definite way of knowing whether your things will stay secure in those rooms since most storage facilities have been suffered thefts at an alarming rate.

Therefore even if you find a safe place for your personal property within their premises, it’s only a matter of time before someone breaks inside through no fault of your own.

Poor handling.

Storage solutions companies that have been around for a while tend to regularly switch up their staff members, affecting service delivery because new staff members are not well equipped to handle personal belongings.

This means that the quality of service offered is bound to go down as time goes by. This is because storage facilities do have a significant turnover rate, making it difficult for people who need them most.

Natural calamities.

Kenya’s storage facilities are not impervious to natural disasters like floods, fires, and even earthquakes. Any belongings left in storage are bound to get damaged because it doesn’t matter how safe these units can be kept when disaster strikes.

Storage companies normally require homeowners who rent out their units to purchase insurance so that they could be compensated if anything was ever stolen or damaged. This would attract extra costs on top of the money already paid upfront.

Dusty Warehouses.

Warehouses are generally dusty, which means that they can affect the quality of your belongings if you were to store them there. Storage facilities have lots of dust from fabric, normal human activities, or the lifting machines used to arrange items within the facility.

Making it difficult for homeowners who use storage solutions as a way to prolong their initial purpose – to keep their items until they are needed again.

Delayed reaction time.

Storage companies do not work around any specific schedule for picking up, dropping off, or even asking about what was stored at their unit. Meaning that it’s left entirely up to individual workers whether they want to handle these tasks immediately upon request or ignore them altogether simply because they were too busy doing something else.

Storage service providers require owners to call in beforehand to know what is inside their storage unit. But this doesn’t mean that the workers would bother checking up on it since it’s not like there is a specific time frame given for this kind of work.

Risk of contamination.

Using facilities such as warehouses or shared storage spaces pauses the risk of contamination. This is because storage companies in Kenya might not have the resources or capacity to contain or prevent any contamination from spreading to or from your items.

Government lockdowns due to the pandemic.

Covid-19 has disrupted normal business operations in the last one and a half years. People are moving from one city to another to find a better place to settle in business and homestay. The Kenyan government has also restricted institutions from operating past the curfew hours. In this effect, storage services have also been affected, forcing them to only run during the day.


Storage Solution Alternative

Selling your household or business assets is the basic and the simplest form of recovering the value of your items. One can quickly not agree to this, but the amount of effort needed to maintain the weight and condition of your items is way too high. Frequent visits and calls to the storage company for checkups might be much of a task.

Extra expenses incurred for insurance and security of the stored items are just another financial burden that one might not be ready for. Who knows, maybe you might also not be interested in the things one year down the line due to changes in interest and taste. Some items like furniture, appliances, and electronics might be out of fashion or versions.

Selling might not be an easy option for you to take, but looking at the hassle that accompanies other storage solutions, it’s way better than what you might think. In addition to this, Corido Marketplace offers end-to-end agency-managed disposal solutions for you to consider as the best alternative in the market. To request an agent, fill the form here.

Why Corido Marketplace?

Corido Marketplace has well-trained agents who help in valuation and pricing of items, inventory-taking, Sales and marketing, customer handling, delivery, and last but not least is the after-sale support.

Corido Marketplace has a vast network through the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.; they have an active website where customers can post directly or contact their agents regarding any query or concern that might come up. Corido Marketplace is offering all these services at a one-stop-shop, making it more straightforward- so that you can get rid of everything as quickly as possible without feeling overwhelmed by unnecessary pressure.

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